PRE-ROLL+ on the Broadcast+ Network from Car-Mercial leverages the industry’s largest Automotive Pre-Roll advertising network, plus unequaled network distribution into target markets that help you reach your audience even when they’re not actively researching vehicles.

Additional reasons to sign up for Pre-Roll+ include:

  • Largest, most complete repository of auto intender behavioral industry data
  • Audience targeting by location, age, TV market and more
  • Intelligent algorithms that continually optimize your network placements based upon historical performance
  • Our veteran ad industry experts design a customized network playlist to ensure optimal audience relevance and target market delivery
  • On-going, expert review of campaign analytics leads to optimization throughout the campaign, maximizing reach and achieving key targeted campaign objectives

to learn how Pre-Roll+ will convert auto purchasers for your dealership.

View Sample Videos

Pre-roll Sample 1

Pre-roll Sample 2