Video Marketing Profile: Puente Hills Hyundai Superstore

For this month’s dealer video marketing profile, I interviewed Kristen Liggins of Puente Hills Hyundai Superstore, which has four new car franchise locations in California: a Hyundai and a Mazda store in the City of Industry and a Hyundai and a Mazda store in Torrance. Kristen helped opened Puente Hills Hyundai Superstore on August 1, 2009. Puente Hills Hyundai is currently ranked No. 12 in the region for sales, is ranked in the Top 50 Hyundai dealers in the country out of 837, is the largest Hyundai dealer in the country, has received many awards for top CSI in both sales and service, and is No. 1 in the nation for sales of Hyundai’s premium product — the Hyundai Equus.

Below is a transcript of our conversation:

AJ LeBlanc: Can you give us a brief overview of your basic marketing strategy and philosophy?

Kristen Liggins: We have a strict budget, and I have to maximize our ad dollars in the most effective way and, with my GM and owners’ support, it is through digital advertising. I focus on SEO/PPC, ad displays, and other digital marketing platforms to bring customers to our virtual showroom. I find that spending money on sites such as and makes it a lot more difficult because of the pricing war between dealers. Most of our ad budget is spent in digital marketing. Our monthly ad budget is 85 percent digital and 15 percent traditional.

AJ: What type of marketing efforts do you implement in the store on a consistent monthly basis?

KL: Planning is the key. Every month, we take our ROI report that I generate from our CRM tool, and both the GM and I strategically put our ad dollars into sourcesthat generate the most profit and sell the most cars.

AJ: Why is it important for a dealership to have Video SEO as part of an overall marketing strategy?

KL: Video is a great way to deliver a message about our dealership. People are often more inclined to watch a video than they are to read text; therefore, we have to give the client what they want.

AJ: Can you explain what Video SEO does for your dealership?

KL: Video SEO has helped us achieve domination in the search results. With our current organic SEO structure partnered with Video SEO, I believe we will soon dominate our local competitors because we are one step ahead of the game. It’s like playing chess — in order to win, you have to be one step ahead of your competition.

AJ: How has a Video SEO strategy impacted your visibility on search engines?

KL: Seeing that automotive SEO reaches well beyond the scope of conventional SEO in terms of simply ranking is not enough; it is about dominating the search results page for every make, model and target PMAs. Yes, content is important; however, unlike most “automotive SEO,” we need to take the next step and be innovators. Video SEO gives us the power to reach our customers in a whole new light.

AJ: How do you measure the effectiveness of your Video SEO strategy?

KL: I measure it through my Web analytics tool, and through the reporting provided by my Video SEO provider on a weekly and monthly basis. I follow it through the entire month so I can plan for the next month.

AJ: Lastly, when did your dealerships implement a Video SEO strategy and what is the average increase your store have seen in sales/market share since implementing this strategy into your overall marketing plan?

KL: We launched our Video SEO about seven months ago and since then, our calls have increased by 15 percent and visitors by 20 percent. I believe it will help increase our presence and visibility to our online consumers.


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