2024 BMW 3 Series: Will There Be A New BMW 3 Series? A more major upgrade is expected to be made to the inside, which is where BMW will debut the most recent version of its iDrive infotainment system.

The newest design, version 8.0, offers a bigger screen and may see the updated 3-Series dashboard to match the new i4 2024 power hatch. Both of these changes are possible (shown below).

Concerning electric automobiles, the redesigned BMW 3 Series will come with a range of electric powertrain choices, which might compete with the BMW i3.

There has been a sighting of a prototype for the electric 3-Series. You should anticipate it to have the same characteristics as the i4, which means it will have a battery with an output of 83.9 kilowatt-hours and a maximum range of close to 300 miles.

Even though the BMW 3 Series just got a significant facelift for the 2024 model year, there are reports that the fast sedan will be replaced with a completely new generation in the year 202. Considering that BMW typically updates its automobiles every seven years, that fact alone is already a little bit weird.

If the most recent reports, which originated from BMW Blog, are to be true, this would indicate that the G20 will continue its work for another nine years.

But why would the car manufacturer choose to go against its own regulation of a lifespan that lasts seven years? One possible explanation for this is that BMW intends to launch the new 3er on not one but two distinct architectures: an all-electric variant that will be based on the Neue Klasse architecture, and an internal combustion engine (ICE) variant that will be based on the highly regarded CLAR architecture.

2024 BMW 3 Series Exterior
2024 BMW 3 Series Exterior

2024 BMW 3 Series Powertrain

It is not apparent what engine options are currently accessible for the 3-Series range. In the United States, the dominant choice should continue to be a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 with a value of around 248 horsepower.

In addition to this, there should be a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine with a power of around 382 horsepower, which is this time linked with a lightweight hybrid system that is capable of adding 11 horsepower in the interim. The refreshed 2024 X3 comes with both of these powerplant options.

Although you shouldn’t anticipate any alterations to the M3’s engine, it will be required to comply with a number of the updates that are being made to the standard 3-Series.

In its regular configuration, the BMW M3 is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine, which generates 473 horsepower. The M3 Competition, on the other hand, is rated at 503 horsepower.

Despite the fact that sales of sedans have been going down, BMW’s 3 Series is still an extremely important product. There are still an average of more than 40,000 automobile sales per year in the United States.

Under the hood of the new 3 Series might be a fully-electrified lineup, with the complete range of gasoline and diesel engines receiving 48-volt mild-hybrid assistance. This would be a first for BMW. A plug-in hybrid variant with more power may join the 330e, and an all-electric version of the 3 Series may also be in the works.

The i4 version of the 4 Series, which rides on the same platform as the 3 Series automobiles, has already received the treatment of being fully electric. A re-evaluation of BMW’s approach to the naming of its electric vehicles might result in the electric version of the 3 Series being given the same i3 designation as the manufacturer’s battery-powered city car.

2024 BMW 3 Series Interior
2024 BMW 3 Series Interior

Exterior Design

The redesigned LED headlights on each side of the grille have daytime running lights in the form of an arrow that run above the primary light beams rather than below them.

Below is displayed an all-encompassing hexagonal central intake with an L-shaped signature on either side. Both the front and the rear bumpers of the new Touring 3 Series get similar aesthetic modifications as the sedan.

BMW is getting set to release a mid-cycle facelift for the 3 Series in an effort to compete with the Mercedes C-Class and the upcoming new Audi A4. Our spies have seen the redesigned Touring estate model undergoing testing close to the Nurburgring.

The thick camouflage that was used at the front and back of the vehicle conceals a slight redesign. The most major improvements, though, will be beneath the skin, with a new infotainment system called iDrive 8 and electrification becoming standard across the board.

The front end of the new 3 Series will have a new set of headlamp clusters that have an LED running light signature that is more pronounced. Although the kidney grilles will not be extended to resemble those on BMW’s 4 Series and flagship iX, the grille bars on the 3 Series may be redesigned before the vehicle goes into production.

It is difficult to make out the specific changes under the disguise in the most recent images, but the front bumper has also been modified, and it now has a reshaped lower grille. The present model and this pre-production model both have a set of wheels with a diameter of 18 inches, but there is a possibility that the update may include a variety of other wheel styles.

Additional swirling camouflage at the back of the vehicle hints that the tail lights and the rear bumper will also be modified.

The most significant update, however, will be seen on the inside of the facelifted BMW 3 Series. The current version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, which made its debut on the iX SUV, will be installed in the brand-new vehicle. The i4 electric sports vehicle, which also utilizes this technology, shares the cabin design of the 3 Series with the 3 Series.

2024 BMW 3 Series Interior

It is anticipated that the interior will be equipped with the most recent version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, which is known as iDrive 8.0. It has a central screen that is 14.9 inches and a screen for the driver that is 12.3 inches and is designed to bring the BMW 3 Series up to speed with newer products such as the most recent Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

In addition, it is probably reasonable to predict that BMW will refresh the dashboard design and provide new inside trim for the next-generation 3 Series.

2024 BMW 3 Series Release Date and Price

Midway through the year 2024 is when we should see the complete unveiling of the updated 2024 BMW 3 Series. Prices are anticipated to be slightly increased on the outgoing vehicle, which can be bought for as little as £32,595 for a sedan or as much as £34,430 for an estate with the ‘Touring’ trim level.

BMW 3 Series Handling

The basic 330i is a joy to drive because to its precise and quick handling as well as its balanced driving characteristics. Series 3s are self-assured, equipped with powerful brakes, and can often navigate tough pavements without any issues.

Upgraded variants such as the M340i and M3 versions are much more sporty and contain modifications such as the M-tuned suspension and steering settings as well as a more robust braking system. These upgrades are available on models like as the M340i and M3.

2024 BMW 3 Series
2024 BMW 3 Series

2024 BMW 3 Series Fuel and Refueling Alternatives

The plug-in hybrid version of the BMW 3 Series is referred to as the 330e. When equipped with standard rear-wheel drive, a vehicle’s all-electric driving range is around 22 miles before the combustion engine kicks in. The BMW 330e can go around 20 miles solely on electric power when equipped with all-wheel drive.

A conventional household outlet, a 240-volt home charger, or a public Level 2 charging station are all acceptable options for charging a Series 3 plug-in at home.

You can achieve a range of up to four miles per hour when you use a standard household plug. If you use a charger that is 240 volts, it will take the 330e less than an hour to reach its full capacity.