2024 BMW I8: Are BMW I8 Still Being Produced? The I8 M is the next-generation hybrid sports vehicle that BMW will release for the 2024 model year. It will be completely redesigned. We are looking forward to learning more when the timing of the automobile sales, which is anticipated to be around the year 2023 for the 2024 model year, draws closer.

BMW is hard at work developing a successor to its plug-in hybrid halo vehicle, the i8, which, by itself, failed to live up to consumers’ expectations.

This successor, which does not yet have a name but which we will refer to as the i8 M, should concentrate a greater emphasis on performance than its predecessor did. It was previewed by the 2019 BMW Vision M Next concept vehicle.

The supercar will take its cues from the i8 and include an electric front axle, while the rear axle will integrate a turbocharged gas engine with an electric motor.

2024 BMW I8
2024 BMW I8

On the other hand, you won’t find inline-three here; instead, you’ll discover inline-four. In addition, the battery will provide a range of at least 60 electric vehicle miles between charges.

The overall output will come close to 600 horsepower, which should put to rest any reservations that anyone may have had about the BMW i8 M’s ability to have a motor that is compatible with its M1 look.

After selling the majority of its holdings in the Washington carbon fiber factory, reports suggested that BMW will no longer produce vehicles with carbon fiber bodies.

It is possible that the news is not accurate. Instead, the progression of the i8 carbon-fiber tub seems to be unavoidable, especially considering that the idea has unpainted composite sills and trimmings. In addition to this, BMW may combine several structural metals.

The i8 M will be able to compete with other hybrid sports cars like as the Acura NSX and the Polestar 1, as well as non-hybrid sports cars such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, thanks to an increase in power and a stronger focus on driving enjoyment.

Naturally, BMW has the capability of installing low-roll rubber on this model as well, just as they did with the i8, but we have a good feeling that the corporation has already learned its lesson.

2024 Upcoming Plans

It has been decided that the next generation hybrid sports ride will be the BMW i8 in 2024. Despite the fact that they have not provided any specifics, BMW has said that its model year 2024 would have a great deal of innovative and exciting new features. Therefore, all we can do is trust that Beemer will be able to manufacture a vehicle that is up to the standards set by the firm.


Even if BMW’s current i8 hasn’t lived up to the athletic ambitions the company had for it, it doesn’t seem as though this has dissuaded the German luxury brand from developing high-priced hybrid sports vehicles.

BMW’s Vision M Next concept, which debuted in the middle of 2019, is evidence that the production of the next iteration of the i8 sports car is already underway. We like the idea of calling it the i8 M, given that it should offer a significant increase in overall performance when compared to the current model.

It is anticipated that the i8 M will be differentiated from the model that it will eventually replace by possessing a much higher maximum power output, a greater all-electric driving range, improved exterior appearance, and a more competent chassis.

2024 BMW I8 New
2024 BMW I8 New

BMW i8M Fuel Economy

It should come as no surprise that the EPA has not conducted any tests on the i8 M or made public any estimations about its gas mileage given that the vehicle has not yet been produced.

However, in addition to increasing the electric driving lengths, we estimate that the new i8 M will provide a slightly improved fuel efficiency rating in comparison to the present i8. This is the case despite the projected increases in acceleration and driving ability. Visit the website of the EPA to get further information about the fuel economy of the i8 M.

2024 BMW i8M Interior

There is currently very little information available regarding the interior of the i8 M, but we anticipate that BMW will address the challenging entry and exit issues associated with the i8 by providing the new car with front-hinged doors and lower side thresholds in order to make the cabin more accessible.

As is the case with modern automobiles, the BMW i8 M will serve as a testing ground for the company’s concepts of the vehicles of the future and is expected to include innovative technologies, one-of-a-kind components, and striking aesthetics.

It is expected that the storage and freight capacity will not increase, but the front baggage compartment may give more room for bags.

Connectivity and Informational Entertainment

Over the course of more than three years, a lot may happen in the realm of in-car entertainment, which means that the specifics of what could be available on the i8 M are anyone’s guess.

The BMW Vision M Next concept car features cutting-edge infotainment that the company refers to as boost pods. These boost pods are comprised of multiple glass screens and head-up displays and are designed to provide the driver with access to car-related information as well as in-vehicle entertainment options.

Driving Range

You have to confess that the driving range of the current generation of the i8 is not in the least bit pleasing. But BMW is getting ready to alter it, despite the fact that they have been keeping quiet about it. According to reports, the new BMW i8 will have a range of 62 miles. This indicates that BMW has devised a method to create greater coverage; alternatively, they may have included a larger battery and additional room to make this possible.

Protective Measures

Given that the i8 M won’t be released for a few more years, it’s possible that it may be equipped with additional cutting-edge driver assistance capabilities, including a genuine autonomous driving system.

Visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for further details on the outcomes of the crash tests performed on the i8 M. The following are examples of key security elements that are most likely to be included:

  • Automatic emergency braking is standard and includes recognition of pedestrians.
  • Lane departure warning and lane maintenance assistance are both included as standard.
  • Adaptive cruise control available with semi-autonomous driving mode

BMW invested a significant amount of capital into developing its expertise in carbon fiber and constructing the procedures that contributed to the development of the i3 and the i8.

Despite the fact that automakers are selling Washington’s carbon fiber facilities, the i8 carbon will advance with the i8 M, which is a trust built in part on Vision M Next and contributes a significant amount of structural carbon to the creating process.

On the exterior, the vision M Next takes on a wedge shape that is much more similar to the M1, with the i8 evolving to include a rear fender that is split horizontally, in addition to contrasting textures and colors that are intended to convey the i8 line from the front fender and side sills to the rear deck.

It’s possible that the designers will be able to cut off the appropriate sections so that they don’t need two secret towing tabs, two humans, or two screwdrivers to operate them.

2024 BMW I8 Redesign
2024 BMW I8 Redesign

Powertrain and its Effects on Performance

It’s possible that the plug-in hybrid system would have the same architecture as the existing i8, which would imply that it would have one electric motor that powers the front wheel, a gas unit positioned in the middle of the vehicle, and another electric motor on the back wheels.

The standard configuration would have a gas-powered engine with three turbocharged cylinders and a capacity of 1.5 liters; however, BMW also offers a new configuration that has an engine with four turbocharged cylinders. The output would be close to 591 horsepower when using a combination of electric and gas power.

This is a significant improvement above the current output of 369 horsepower that the i8 has. Given that this i8 would go up against other vehicles like the Polestar 1, Lexus LC500h, and Acura NSX, an output of this magnitude is absolutely necessary.

It is predicted that the plug-in hybrid powertrain of the i8 M would adhere to the same fundamental architecture as the present i8, which entails an electric motor powering the front wheels and a gasoline engine and electric motor located in the middle of the vehicle powering the back wheels.

BMW has stated that the new car will offer a turbocharged four-cylinder as an alternative to the turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder gas engine that is available in the i8. The company also claims that the total system output, which includes both gas and electric power, will be 591 horsepower, which is significantly higher than the i8’s output of 369 horsepower.

This upgraded powerplant will make it easier for the i8 M to compete against other high-end sports cars, like as the Acura NSX, Lexus LC500h, and Polestar 1.