2024 BMW X6: Is It Coming Out With A New X6 – After the first sighting of a prototype in the snow a little more than a month ago, our spy photographers were able to capture it testing again, this time out on the streets. BMW has been preparing a facelifted version of their X6 crossover coupe to be released some time in 2023 for the 2024 model year, and after the first sighting of a prototype in the snow, our spy photographers were able to capture it testing again.

The vast bulk of revisions have been made at the beginning of the text. To begin, we can observe that the headlights are much more slender and more straight, falling somewhere in the form spectrum between those of the present X6 and the iX electric SUV. We have no clue what the lower fascia truly looks like since it is totally covered up, but if we were to make an educated estimate, we would say that it will be quite similar to the prototype for the X5 facelift that was found not too long ago.

The kidney grille, on the other hand, is not shared between the X5 and this vehicle. Even though the grille of this facelifted model seems to be fairly similar to the grille of the X6 before the facelift, it has kept its hexagonal design in order to separate itself from the rounded squares of the X5.

Having said that, the X5 M prototype that was found around two months ago revealed that it had kidneys that were hexagonal in shape.

In addition, similar to the situation with the previous facelifted X6 prototype, the back end and side profile of this car seem to have retained practically all of the characteristics of the preceding model. As a result, they have not been disguised in any way; nonetheless, it has been theorized that the design of the rear lights could undergo some modifications before to the launch of the production model.

We anticipate that the engine choices will be the same as they were in the model before the facelift since there is just a small update to the exterior. Having said that, it is highly likely that a plug-in hybrid variant will be added down the line based on the bones of the X5 xDrive45e, and there have been reports of a hydrogen-powered variant being built on the same platform as the iX5 Hydrogen.

Both of these variants are likely to be added in the future. It is anticipated that the refreshed X6 would hit the market some time in 2023 as a 2024 model year. This would come after it is anticipated that the refreshed X5 will hit the market in 2022 as a 2023 model year.

2024 BMW X6
2024 BMW X6

2024 BMW X6 M Facelift Spied With Minimal Camouflage

A refresh for the BMW X6 lineup, including the M model, is now in the works at BMW, and it will be released soon. Once again, our covert photographers were able to snap the prototype while it was undergoing testing, and this time around, the camouflage on it was noticeably thinner than in previous iterations. It is essential to point out that the standard X6 was sighted some time ago; hence, it is simple to deduce that the vehicle in question will be a M model.

The design staff has decided to go with headlights that are more slender, exactly like the ones that were updated on the X5 model, and the X6 M will also have them.

The daytime running lights were updated along with the headlights when they were replaced. The front grille does not seem to be larger than it is on the current model; nonetheless, the configuration of the headlamps may give the impression that it is larger than the front grille on the current model.

By making the headlights smaller but maintaining the same size for the grill, the German brand could, in a sense, keep fans and designers pleased. This is because the redesign would create a difference in style without altering the vehicle’s appearance too drastically. After all, this is a facelift we are talked about, and its back is not hidden at all.

Alterations will be made to the performance SAC’s rear end as the development of the vehicle continues. SAC is an abbreviation for “Sports Activity Coupe,” which describes the vehicle. You may anticipate seeing them later, but there won’t be anything really extraordinary about it.

It is quite possible that BMW will alter the inside design of the taillights, and the company may also modify a few lines on either the bumper or the trunk, or maybe even both. Even if designing the visuals for the car’s taillights wouldn’t be difficult, such designs may be kept secret until the time is right to unveil the vehicle.

The brand will, as is customary, present a couple of new exterior colors, make some minor adjustments to the inside, and install the most recent version of the iDrive system. In keeping with its newly introduced brother models, the X6 M will be equipped with an iDrive 8 and a large multimedia display for the system.

2024 BMW X6 Redesign

On the front end of the full-size SUV is an impressive double kidney grille that is framed by elegant LED headlamps. LED fog lights and wheels measuring 21 inches make perfect sense to have on a vehicle as massive and pricey as a 2024 BMW X6. You always have the option to upgrade to a screen that is 22 inches in size, even if you do not intend to use one.

The rear reflectors are connected to the metallic accent strips that run between the tire arches. There is a thin braking strip that can be seen on the liftgate of the 2024 BMW X6, and it reaches all the way across the liftgate and all the way to the back of the vehicle. Cerium Grey exhaust tips are included on the new Shadowline exterior trim instead of the chrome tips that were previously used.

2024 BMW X6 Interior
2024 BMW X6 Interior


When it comes to riding in a luxury car, there is no location on earth more desirable than the cabin of a 2024 BMW X6. As a consequence of great workmanship, the final output of a product will exhibit quality in both the materials used and the attention to detail paid to those materials. The pricing is reasonable considering the extensive number of basic features and the many customization choices.

Those sitting in the third row are the only ones who are going to have an issue with this particular cabin. It should come as no surprise that the sumptuous interior of the 2024 BMW X6 has ample space for three rows of seats given the vehicle’s dimensions. This is something that can be accomplished by a small number of other vehicles, but not by this one.

2024 BMW X6 Exterior
2024 BMW X6 Exterior


In order to improve the vehicle’s gas mileage, the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine found in the xDrive40i received a 48-volt mild hybrid system from BMW in 2024. When combined with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, it has the potential to generate 335 horsepower as well as 331 lb-ft of torque.

despite the fact that it lacks the engine found in the M50i. Having said that, there is always room for improvement, as seen by the 2024 BMW X6, which is now in production. A new V8 engine with the same gearbox and powerplant as its predecessor generates 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. This engine is an upgrade on the previous generation’s engine.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that BMW is now putting the X6 through testing for a facelift version. After all, the redesigned X5 is already a month into its testing phase, and this includes both the basic and the M variants of the vehicle. And with that, it is time for the redesigned X6 to go out into the snow and begin its wintertime antics.

Similar to the X5, there won’t be a significant amount of adjustments made, which is exactly why this prototype is mainly exposed. The most significant modifications will be implemented at the front end, where we anticipate seeing a bumper design identical to that of the previously seen facelifted X5 model.

The headlights will also be redesigned, and although many people had the expectation that they would take cues from the newly introduced XM Concept, the new headlights will in reality be just a little bit more svelte than the ones that are already on the vehicle.

There is not a single innovative feature on this prototype’s back end. However, the BMW X6 refresh is not likely to be shown to the public until sometime in 2023 as a model for 2024, so there is still plenty of time for significant modification.

We also have a photo of the inside of the vehicle, which shows that it will come equipped with the most current version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, much like all of the other recently released models.

Because we do not anticipate any significant changes occurring under the hood, the X6 will most likely continue to be available with the same selection of engines.

Customers in the United States will still be able to purchase the standard 40i model, which is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine rated at 335 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. They will also be able to purchase the M50i model, which is powered by a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V-8 engine rated at 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.