2024 Buick Electra: Is Buick Bringing Back the Electra? There may be a lot of excitement around battery-electric startup companies and their young enthusiasm, which is unrestricted by the long-standing corporate cultures that extend decades at firmly embedded, heritage automobile manufacturers. However, there are times when having a feeling of brand legacy might turn out to be a significant benefit.

Today, General Motors breathes new life into its Buick brand by committing to have an all-electric portfolio by the year 2030. As part of this commitment, the company also revives the Electra model name, which is a model name that is ideal for an electric vehicle brand and a name that any new automaker would be thrilled to have in its portfolio.

Between the years of 1959 and 1990, General Motors produced six generations of Electra sedans, coupes, convertibles, and even an Estate wagon. However, it is highly unlikely that the Buick product planners realized that the Electra name, in a world of electric vehicles, would be such a perfect fit during that time period.

Beginning in the year 2024, Buick will give its first electric vehicle (EV) for the American market the moniker Electra. This vehicle will be powered by GM’s Ultium battery architecture, which also serves as the foundation for the Cadillac Lyriq, GMC Hummer, and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

However, the Electra won’t be operating independently. Executives from the brand have stated that the Electra will be a line of Buick electric vehicles with alphanumeric names that correspond to different body styles and sizes.

A production version of the first Electra EV won’t be available for quite some time, but in the meantime, Buick has unveiled its dramatic Wildcat EV concept to hint at a new global brand design language. Elements of this new design language, such as a sleek new Buick badge, will be seen on production vehicles as early as next year.

During a media call this morning, Duncan Aldred, the worldwide vice president of Buick and GMC, made the following statement: “We’ll be bringing a new car that will be the first vehicle to wear the new badge next next year in stores and also the first EV in 2024, so that’s terrific.”

2024 Buick Electra
2024 Buick Electra

Buick Electra-X Concept Previews a Sporty Electric SUV

Wildcat EV is a two-door coupe that wears a new design language that gives a glimpse of Buick’s next Electra production electric automobiles. It was revealed earlier today by Buick. It is anticipated that the first Electra model will be introduced in the year 2024 and that Buick would transition entirely to electric power in the United States by the year 2030.

On the other hand, in China, where Buick is roughly five times more popular than it is in the United States, the company built its very own new electric concept vehicle called the Electra-X. The Shanghai-based team of General Motors was responsible for the design and creation of the Electra-X, which is a preview of an actual production model for China. Even while the Electra-X probably won’t be offered in the United States, it’s undeniably closer to the kind of crossover vehicle that we’ll receive than the wonderful Wildcat.

Even while it may not feature many of Buick’s conventional design elements, the Electra-X is without a doubt the most attractive SUV the company has ever produced, regardless of whether it was a concept car or a production vehicle. This is apparent right off the start.

It has a shark snout with a large trapezoidal grille and very thin LED headlights with a check mark form. These headlamps, coupled with the ‘aviation-style’ lights at the margins of the grille, are going to become a new Buick identity. The Electra-X has a silhouette and posture that is comparable to that of the Aston Martin DBX or the new Lotus Eletre, and the smooth body sides are brought out by some distinct intake lines.

The back end has several spoilers, and a well-integrated CHSML brake light can be found there. Additionally, the Electra-X bears Buick’s significantly updated three-shield insignia.

Although the outside of the Electra-X doesn’t seem to be too far off from what may be put into production, the inside is much more out there. The sole major decoration on the dashboard is a 30-inch “Freeform” screen that has a resolution of 6K and rests above a series of narrow air vents. This screen is the only substantial adornment on the dashboard.

The company claims that the pixel density of the screen is comparable to that of the human eye, and the new infotainment system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 CPU. In addition, the end of the center armrest is a touchscreen, and according to Buick, the voice command system in the vehicle can operate approximately fifty different functions and features.

The seats of the Electra-X are upholstered in a material that is a 3D-knit manufactured from recycled bottles. Additionally, there are beautiful copper highlights and concealed GS emblems everywhere.

The Electra-X is said to ride on GM’s Ultium chassis, although actual engine specifics have not been disclosed by Buick. One of the two production electric cars that will be shown off in China this year is expected to draw direct cues from the Electra-X.

The company has said that it would bring five production electric vehicles to the Chinese market by the year 2025. For the Chinese market, Buick will offer more exciting body types, such as minivans and sedans, in contrast to the United States, where all of the new electric vehicles from Buick will most likely take the form of crossovers.

2024 Buick Electra Interior
2024 Buick Electra Interior

Design & Features

The Buick Electra is a sleek and flowing SUV-coupe that has a minimalist appearance that is influenced by the design of space capsules. It has a very athletic quality because to the sculptural elements that cover it. The design lacks the more common A and B pillars and instead showcases doors in the shape of butterfly wings.

The primary distinguishing characteristics of the appearance are matrix LED front and back lights, complete LED lit grille and rear screen nameplate, and face recognition technology.

If put into production, the Electra concept’s production version would be one of the first road-ready cars produced by the company to bear its new logo. Since 1990, this is the first time the Buick logo has undergone a significant change.

The three shields that make up the original Buick logo—red, white, and blue—are aligned at the same height in the updated version. According to Buick, the new brand emblem, which has revised columns, reflects fluid motions that will be seen in the future design of the company’s vehicles.

New Design Language

The Buick Wildcat EV concept is intended to serve as an illustration of the new global design language that will be included in Buick’s future vehicles beginning in 2023. The new idea introduces a face that can communicate emotion and has an appearance that leans forward. Although we are not fans of the Wildcat EV’s sharp, high-mounted, and horizontal check mark-shaped illumination, the Wildcat EV’s general “ready-to-pounce” attitude is fascinating.


The inside of the Buick Electra concept car is designed to seem futuristic and spaceship-like. It contains four seats, a huge curved display, a retractable steering wheel, suspended seats, and a disguised air conditioning system, among other features. A brand-new lightweight armature structure provides support for the suspended seats (as well as the retractable steering wheel), creating the impression that the chairs are floating or that there is zero gravity.

In addition, the eConnect infotainment system with over-the-air updates, the huge augmented reality-head-up display with sophisticated live-view navigation, and the next-generation AI Voice Assistant are some of the features of the interior.

It is anticipated that the production version of the Buick Electra would include a cabin that is more true to life. It is possible that it will come equipped with Buick cruise Pro, the sophisticated driver-assist technology that is exclusive to the brand.

The Buick cruise Pro is made possible by the combination of the following components: 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 4 360-degree cameras, and the Mobileye EyeQ4 processor. More than 20 intelligent driving and active safety features are made available by this system. Some of these functions are Instructed Lane Changing, Steering Wheel Hands-Off Detection (HOD), and Traffic Jam Assistance.

Because it enables over-the-air upgrades, it is possible to add new functionalities and enhance current ones in an easy and straightforward manner at any point during the life of the vehicle.

2024 Buick Electra Exterior
2024 Buick Electra Exterior


The Buick Electra idea is an Ultium-powered vehicle, much like all of GM’s other contemporary electric vehicles. Because of Ultrium technology, the number of wires contained inside the battery has been reduced by 90%. It only takes 4.3 seconds to get from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) because of the combined power of the two Ultium motors that are powering the front and back wheels.

Together, they create 435 kW of combined power. However, this estimate is most likely based on the Chinese test technique, which is less stringent than the approach used by the EPA or WLTP. The concept version is capable of traveling up to 660 kilometers (or 410 miles) on a single charge.