2024 Buick Regal: Is Buick Bringing Back The Regal? We anticipate that the seventh generation of the 2024 Buick Regal will make its debut somewhere between the 2023 and 2024 model years. In the meanwhile, we anticipate that the sixth-generation Regal that is now in production will undergo some inconsequential revisions, upgrades, and enhancements.

It is anticipated that the 2024 Buick Regal would use the brand-new GM VSS-F platform as its foundation. This will result in completely redesigned underpinnings and engineering. He will have a new external design, which will include an option for a sedan body type with four doors.

Additionally, the TourX Wagon is a possibility. In terms of the inside, both the design and the materials that will be used will undergo a comprehensive transformation. The focus will be on enhancing both comfort and convenience as the primary differentiators. The latest iteration of the IntelliLink infotainment system will also be introduced at the same time as further GM Active Safety features and technology.

In this day and age of reasonably priced horsepower and aesthetically pleasing design, every Tom, Dick, and Harry, with the exception of Buick, is working to produce sports cars that are more responsive, accelerate quicker, and look better.

When compared to the Mercedes-AMG E53 or the Lexus GS F, the Buick Regal sedan series is a world apart. Nonetheless, as the Regal’s life nears its end, 2024 Buick Regal has opted to make one last effort to make this unsightly but useful Sportback sedan perform like a sports vehicle.

The normally aspirated V6 engine that can be found under the hood is rather strong, but it is devoid of personality, and the same can be said of the gearbox. In terms of its dynamic performance, the GS is not too far behind, despite the fact that it understeers when subjected to intense acceleration.

The one redeeming element of the Regal GS is its Sportback body shape, which combines a liftgate akin to a hatchback and gives capacity in the trunk and for baggage. This is the one redeeming characteristic of the Regal GS.

2024 Buick Regal
2024 Buick Regal

2024 Buick Regal Exterior

We anticipate that the next generation of the Buick Regal will continue to be offered in the form of a midsize four-door sedan as well as a sedan-like liftback body style, similar to the sixth generation of the Regal Sportback. There is also the possibility of going with the Buick Regal TourX.

We anticipate that the subsequent generation of the Buick Regal will use the new GM VSS-F platform. This platform will be shared by all future front-drive GM vehicles and crossovers, including the next-generation Regal.

Engine options

There is currently no precise information available to us on the available engine options. Options for both hybrid and all-electric powertrains will definitely be on the table. In addition, Buick is working on a new transmission set; as a result, we will soon learn what products will be introduced to the market.

The iconic V6 engine that was found in the GS was carried over to the Buick GS, which is a 3.6-liter unit that produces 310 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 282 pound-feet of torque at 5,200 pm.

The vehicle is outfitted with a nine-speed automatic gearbox and a system that provides the majority of the power to the front wheels but can also transmit power to the rear wheels if it becomes essential to do so on the highway.

It’s possible that the brilliantly linear rush of power produced by the V6 engine will fool you into thinking that you’re not going fast enough. In spite of this, it has excellent acceleration, and the 3.6-liter engine is kept nicely within its powerband by the nine-speed automatic gearbox.

Because the reaction times of the gearbox are affected by all three selectable driving modes, Touring, Sport, and GS, it is important to maintain the information in the GS mode while engaging in high-performance driving. The Regal GS suffers from a deficiency in low-end torque but makes up for it with a plenty of top-end power.

Market position of new 2024 Buick Regal

The Acura TLX, the Volvo S60, and the Volkswagen Arteon are going to be the three primary opponents that the 2024 Buick Regal will face in the premium midsize sector.

As a result of General Motors’ decision to sell its Opel business, the sixth-generation model that was previously built at the GM Opel facility will be replaced by the next generation of the Buick Regal.

It has been confirmed by a spokeswoman for Buick that the Regal, along with the Sportback, GS, and TourX wagon models, would be removed from the company’s portfolio of vehicles sold in the United States after the 2020 model year. This implies that in the near future, the only vehicles that Buick will offer for sale in the United States will be SUVs; the Cascada convertible and the LaCrosse sedan will no longer be produced for the American market.

The latest version of the Regal debuted for the 2018 model year. It is based on the European Opel Insignia and was the first to provide a hatchback bodystyle as well as a wagon option that was reminiscent of the Subaru Outback. Both of these innovations were presented for the first time.

Following the transaction that took place in 2018 in which GM sold Opel to the French carmaker PSA, GM came to an agreement with Opel to pay Opel to continue manufacturing the vehicle in Germany.

Opel’s manufacturing of the Regal for the American market is scheduled to come to a stop in the near future; however, Buick will continue to manufacture the sedan version of the Regal in China for the Chinese market.

2024 Buick Regal Redesign

As a result of declining sales of sedans and the company’s continuous success in the market for SUVs, Buick has stated that the Regal range would be retired after the 2024 model year of the Regal.

Because the line is likely going to be discontinued, the design of the 2024 Regal GS has been preserved. This has resulted in a Regal that has a more European aspect than an American one, which, depending on who you ask, may be both thrilling and boring.

Because it includes a large foglight surrounded by brushed silver and 19-inch aluminum wheels painted Technical Gray, the GS trim is the one that we consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

A hatchback-style liftgate is hidden behind the GS’s streamlined profile, which ends in a rear end that looks like a cross between a BMW M2 and a Lexus IS 350. This is made possible by the rear spoiler, which was built in the shape of a BMW M2’s rear spoiler.

Daytime running lights and halogen headlights that include a flash-to-pass function, automated on/off, and automatic delay are both standard on the exterior of the 2024 Buick Regal GS. LEDs are used for each of the taillights.

2024 Buick Regal Interior
2024 Buick Regal Interior


The inside of the 2024 Buick Regal GS maintains the exterior’s euro-centric design with a sleek, flowing dashboard and a button arrangement that is simple for the driver and front passenger to see and use. This design is carried over from the previous generation.

The GS is Regal’s top-of-the-line model, and it’s a special performance edition that comes with all the bells and whistles. This automobile has front seats that are upholstered in leather and provide the driver and front seat passengers with eight-way power adjustments and four-way lumbar adjustments.

Elegant pedals made of aluminum alloy are provided for the driver, and the controls for the cruise control are positioned on the leather-wrapped steering wheel with a flat bottom.

The inside is kept at a pleasant temperature thanks to the inclusion of dual-zone climate control, which, together with front and rear park assist and an automatic dimming rearview mirror, makes driving in urban areas much simpler.

The GS makes getting in and out of the vehicle quite easy by including features such as keyless entry and remote start. There is an extra upgrade package that includes a head-up display, as well as a wireless charging station.

2024 Buick Regal Exterior
2024 Buick Regal Exterior

2024 Buick Regal Release Date and Price

The Regal GS range is made by Buick, which is the manufacturer. Starting at $25,370 for the FWD 2.0T basic model, the price range goes all the way up to $39,010 for the GS. This is an increase of $13,700 above the price of the basic model of the Regal GS and does not include taxes, registration fees, or the $925 destination charge.

It is challenging for Buick to achieve the $40,000 threshold since there are many other automakers who provide items that are comparable to theirs for lower prices.