2024 Buick Wildcat: Is There A New Buick Wildcat Coming Out? The Buick brand is beginning to conform. On Wednesday, Buick made the announcement that it would transition to an all-electric lineup by the year 2030.

The company also said that it will debut its first electric car with the Electra brand in 2024, and it will show it off later this year. The Wildcat EV concept vehicle was also unveiled by the brand in order to demonstrate the design language that would be used for future production models of the Buick nameplate.

The Wildcat EV is not a preview of a car that will be released in the future. It is a stylish 2+2 electric coupe. Instead, the design features will make their debut on future production cars, the vast majority of which are probably going to be electric crossovers; the first of them is expected to hit the market in 2023.

These design components include a front end that tilts forward and has a low-mounted trapezoidal grille. Additionally, the headlights and taillights both have a checkmark-shaped design and encourage dance.

The sculpting on the car’s sides and the aluminum trim could also be included on future vehicles, but don’t hold your breath for a low and streamlined posture to make it into reality.

The automobile also marks the introduction of a new tri-shield emblem, which will feature on the front and rear of future cars and has undergone considerable modifications for the first time since the year 1990.

Other notable design aspects of the concept include 18-spoke turbine wheels inspired by the Jet Age, “semi-swing” doors with T-top-like top sections that raise for the doors to open, and a state of charge indicator on the hatchback glass. Additionally, the concept features a state of charge indicator on the hatchback glass.

2024 Buick Wildcat
2024 Buick Wildcat


Inside the vehicle is a center console that runs the whole length of the second row, which means there is no center sitting position in that row. The front seats have headrests that give the impression that they are floating, the steering wheel has a flat bottom, and the pedals are made of metal.

The dashboard is dominated by an expansive touchscreen that begins in front of the driver and continues all the way to the center stack. A second screen can be found at the front of the center console, and it looks to be in charge of the vehicle’s more general information.

Legato Green and orange highlights can be seen everywhere around the interior, which is a strong indicator that Buick is contemplating using similarly vibrant hues in the near future.

The Wildcat EV concept is a platform, according to Buick, that might support potential future technologies like as artificial intelligence, aromatherapy, and biometrics. These technologies are able to detect an increase in the heartrates of the passengers and then activate a Zen mode, which will calm them down by turning out the lights, releasing aromatherapy smells, and activating the massaging chairs.

It has been confirmed by Buick that the Electra EV models would be supported by the Ultium battery and motor architecture developed by GM. The capacity of the battery and the range of the electric vehicle were not covered.

The Electra-X crossover concept that was recently presented for the Chinese market will not be the same as the new Electra that will be released in the United States. In the future, electric vehicles will be designated by the name Electra followed by a suffix consisting of letters or numbers that indicate their dimensions and overall design.

The company also made the announcement that purchasers of its cars in the United States would get a complimentary three-year subscription to the OnStar and Connected Services Premium Plan1, although it did not specify when the subscription would begin.

Nevertheless, beginning this month, purchasers will furthermore get a remote key fob, Wi-Fi data, and OnStar safety features as part of the package deal for the purchase price.

2024 Buick Wildcat Interior
2024 Buick Wildcat Interior

Concept Cues

It is quite probable that the new Wildcat idea will never be put into production, much like its predecessor, the Avista, and the Riviera concept from 2013. Nevertheless, it sheds light on certain aspects of the brand that we could see in the future.

During a question and answer session that took place after the event, Buick CEO Duncan Aldred did not totally exclude the possibility that the automaker may produce an electric sedan or coupe as the firm progresses toward electrifying all of its vehicles by the year 2030.

The Wildcat concept has a seating configuration known as “2-plus-2,” as well as a sweeping roofline that culminates in an exquisite boattail shape and L-shaped taillights that are implanted along the sloping rear window. The A-pillar at the front of the car is replaced with glass since the windshield extends all the way around the front of the vehicle.

The Wildcat EV has the appearance of a fastback wagon when seen from the side, and it has an indicator for the level of charge that is visible through the rear hatchback.

It is a coupe, thus it features two semi-swing doors that join around the center of the frame and swing-out. The designers believe that this feature will make entry simpler for both the front and the back passengers.

2024 Buick Wildcat Exterior
2024 Buick Wildcat Exterior

2024 Buick Wildcat Overview

It’s possible that the word “wild” in the name gives it an air of mystique or exoticism. Is it a high-performance automobile with a motor that will make it stand out? Given that the manufacturer of this automobile has not disclosed any information on the car in issue, providing an answer to that question is not easy.

Nevertheless, if there’s one thing we can get from the Buick Wildcat, it’s that it’s an electric vehicle in the same style as the Buick Electra. This is the main takeaway from Wildcat. There is little doubt that Buick will soon introduce a brand new automobile model, but the company has not yet provided any information on the vehicle in question.

The only thing we know about the 2024 Buick Wildcat is that it is powered by electricity and comes equipped with a battery and electric motor, much like the Buick Electra.

This is consistent with the goals that the manufacturer has articulated about the electrification of the cars. According to prior statements made by Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick and GMC, the production of Buick’s fully electric car will take place before the end of this decade.