2024 Chevrolet Tahoe: What We Know So Far – Fans of General Motors who have a preference for crossover SUVs are now discussing whether or not to give up the ship in light of the latest news about the 2024 Equinox EV and the Blazer SS EV. Don’t worry about it, the updated Tahoe will still have an internal combustion engine. At the very least in appearance.

Following the world premiere of the Chevrolet Silverado EV in 2024 and the display of the Chevrolet Equinox EV crossover SUV in 2024, the GM subsidiary was running a tick. They also said that a 2024 Blazer EV would be available, but they did not provide any photographs or even subtle indications in the form of teasers.

This problem was resolved not too long ago with the introduction of the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer SS Electric Vehicle, which was previewed on several social media platforms. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of excitement among consumers about the prospect of buying a Super Sport that is powered by batteries when it finally hits the market in roughly two years. And the reason for this is not necessarily the conversion to electric vehicles; rather, it is the underwhelming treatment that has been put upon the current Blazer.

If the bigger Traverse does not check the proper full-size boxes either, SUV aficionados are fortunate to still have the formidable Tahoe and Suburban options available to them. And, of course, the model will soon be up for a fast refresh, and according to the rumor mill, this will take place somewhere around the 2024 model year.

But as of late, the MY has served as something of an EV punching bag, so it’s possible that folks will start to worry about what will happen to the Tahoe as well.

There is no need for us to quicken our pulses in regard to the virtual artist who is better known on social media by the handle c zr1. And the pixel maestro didn’t waste any time in providing us with some CGI food for thought in the shape of the updated full-size SUV version of the 2024 Tahoe. Seen here in its RST form and seen from behind, just to be absolutely certain that we can pick out the twin exhaust pipes on the left and right.

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe
2024 Chevrolet Tahoe

Will the New 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Be Redesigned?

The new 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe will include several subtle improvements over its predecessor, most of which will be concentrated on the vehicle’s front and back ends. Despite this, it is important to point out that the size of this SUV is comparable to that of the Ford Expedition.

It is longer than most of its competitors in its category, measuring in at 17.5 feet in length. In any case, the design will shift somewhat in accordance with the trim level that you choose. The LS and LT versions will come with with alloy wheels measuring 18 inches as standard, while the Z71 and Premier will ride on alloy wheels measuring 20 inches.

On the other hand, the high-end High-Country model rides on alloy wheels that are 22 inches in diameter. One of the improvements that will be made to the exterior this year is the addition of a black grille, which will be available on the LS, LT, RST, and Premier trims. There will now be new color options available, including Radiant Red Tintcoat, Sterling Gray Metallic, and Silver Sage Metallic.

Interior Refreshments

On the interior, we anticipate seeing, at the very least, some minor updates implemented across the various trim levels. In any case, Chevrolet maintained the Tahoe’s generous interior space for the 2024 model year, and the 9-seat capacity of the basic model remained unchanged.

On the other hand, the LT, RST, and Z71 models each have the capacity to seat up to eight passengers, however the addition of an optional pair of captain’s chairs brings the overall passenger capacity down to seven. The legroom in the second seat is up to a maximum of 42 inches, while the legroom in the third row is up to a maximum of 34.9 inches.

When you consider that it can hold between 25.5 and 122.9 cubic feet of goods, the space is among the finest in the vehicle. A remote start, keyless entry/ignition, power-adjustable front seats, cloth upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, 3-zone automatic temperature control, Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen come standard on the base-level LS trim level.

A front collision warning system that includes automated emergency braking and pedestrian identification as well as automatic high lights and lane-keeping assistance are included in the excellent safety package.

What Will the 2024 Chevy Tahoe Look Like?

Like its predecessor, the 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe is a relatively big sport utility vehicle (SUV). This model is a little shorter than the Ford Expedition, measuring 17.5 feet in length instead of 18 feet as that vehicle does. The layout is appealing, but the overall appeal will rely on the trim that is selected.

For instance, the LS and LT models ride on alloy wheels that are 18 inches in diameter, while the Z71 and Premier models use alloy wheels that are 20 inches in diameter, and the High-Country variant has alloy wheels that are 22 inches in diameter.

It is important to point out that the LS already has side steps installed and that it has a black grille with the name “Chevrolet” written in upper-case letters. Both of these features come as standard equipment.

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Interior
2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Interior

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Engine Specs

The basic engine will still be a 5.3-liter naturally aspirated V8 that produces 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. On the other hand, the RST, Z71, and Premier trims all come equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque.

It is important to note that this engine is also included as standard equipment in the highest-level High-Country trim. There is also a turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel inline-6 engine that can provide 277 horsepower as an alternative. This engine is standard with the Z71.

Standard equipment for each of the aforementioned engines has an extremely refined 10-speed automatic gearbox and a rear-wheel drive configuration. Additionally, four-wheel drive (4WD) is available as an add-on package for all trim levels other than Z71.

Cabin Upgrades

The cabin of the brand-new Chevrolet Tahoe for 2024 is exceptionally roomy, and it comes standard with a bench seat that can accommodate three people in the first row, expanding the vehicle’s capacity to nine passengers.

However, it is important to note that although the LT, RST, and Z71 models have the capacity to seat eight passengers, the total number of passengers may be lowered to seven by selecting the optional pair of captain’s chairs for the second row.

In every Tahoe, the most legroom available in the second row is 42 inches, while the most legroom available in the third row is 34.9 inches. In addition to that, the volume of space available for freight may be increased from 25.5 to 122.9 cubic feet.

In terms of technology, the basic model comes standard with a wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface in addition to an infotainment touchscreen of 8 inches. In addition to it, there is satellite radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Because of technologies like as automatic emergency braking, automated forward collision warning, and lane-keeping assistance, safety is one of the greatest aspects of this vehicle. The firm will debut a brand-new version of the Super Cruise technology for the very first time (hands-free driving tech).

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Exterior
2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Exterior

2024 Chevrolet Tahoe Price, Release Date

The new 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe will most likely be priced somewhat more than its predecessor, despite the fact that only minor modifications have been made to the vehicle since the previous version.

The base model, the LS, can be purchased for $53,000, while the most expensive model, the High Country, may cost up to $80,000. These numbers are comparable to those of other cars in the class, including the Nissan Armada, GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, and Toyota Sequoia, among others.

Therefore, if you are searching for a roomy SUV that also has a roomy interior and comes standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, then you should think about purchasing this model. There have been many rumors indicating that the new Tahoe will not be on sale until sometime in the year 2023.