2024 Chevy Colorado: Will the Colorado get a V8? 2024 Chevy Colorado If it were feasible to utilize the Easy-Bake Oven to prepare the ideal midsize pickup truck, we expect that the recipe would call for the following components: the thrill that comes from driving a Jeep Gladiator,

The Honda Ridgeline’s comfortable rides and bed storage bins, the Toyota Tacoma’s gratingly attractive good looks, and the Ridgeline’s competitive pricing. the beginning of the Ford Ranger’s pleasant demeanor. A little bit of garlic salt is OK to use as well.

That is precisely what the new Chevrolet Colorado 2023 aims to be. This all-new third-generation pickup, which will go into production in the first half of the year after next, aims to use all of the best materials, beginning with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has the same amount of horsepower as a V-6 in Nissan’s new car, the Border. Production will begin in the first half of the year after next.

The Chevrolet Colorado 2023 will be much larger than its predecessor thanks to an all-new, more expansive external design as well as significant upgrades to its cabin. The Chevy Colorado 2023 now comes in a Trail Boss trim level, but the V-6 and Duramax diesel engines that were previously available in the mid-size pickup have been discontinued.

In their place is a turbocharged 2.7-liter Silverado 1500 inline-four engine that can produce anywhere from 231 to 310 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Chevy Colorado
2024 Chevy Colorado

2024 Chevy Colorado Redesign

The revamped GMC Canyon midsize truck will be differentiated from its platform sibling, the Chevrolet Colorado, and will instead take design cues from a different GMC moniker.

It is anticipated that the two redesigned midsize trucks would be on sale the following year as the 2024 model. Both trucks’ windshields seem like they have more of an angle to them, and the overall proportions look like they have been increased, with a concentration on aerodynamic enhancements.

The refreshed version of the midsize pickup truck seems to feature both a redesigned exterior and an improved inside.

A new teaser video has been released, in which an improved model of the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado, a mid-size pickup truck, is shown driving across the desert in anticipation of the vehicle’s formal premiere on July 28.

For the 2023 model year, General Motors will revamp its two smaller vehicles, Colorado and the closely similar GMC Canyon. The company will refer to the remodeled trucks as “all new.”

Our speculation leads us to believe that this indicates both vehicles will get updated exteriors and interiors, despite the fact that we anticipate the truck’s chassis will retain the majority of its current components.

In 2023, Chevrolet will release an updated model of its Colorado pickup truck. The teaser depicts the ZR2 variant, which is equipped with a variety of off-roading-specific add-ons. The new pickup truck will make its debut on July 28, and shortly after that, a GMC Canyon AT4X variant will also be available. The teaser provides visual evidence that the front end of Colorado, as well as the taillights, will have a revised appearance.

The model that is seen is the off-road-oriented ZR2, which features large all-terrain tires, a light bar attached to the back of the cab, and what Chevy refers to as the “Safari Bar” attached to the front of the vehicle. There is a good chance that the next model will include upgraded suspension components, such as different shocks and a higher ride height, much like the current ZR2.

Canyon, Chevy GMC’s sibling brand, will also be launching an off-road vehicle dubbed the AT4X, which should be on par with the ZR2; the product has also been teased and seems to have a body that is different from the truck that is already available.


After seven years of the same old Colorado, Chevrolet’s mid-size truck will enter its third generation in 2023 with an all-new model that is wider, has a longer wheelbase, and is more mature than its predecessors. Colorado will only be available with a transmission and engine configuration consisting of an eight-speed automated gearbox and a turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four engine.

The standard engine has 237 horsepower, while the high-output ZR2 version has 310 horsepower and a hefty 430 pound-feet of torque. The horsepower and torque ratings increase incrementally as you go up the model levels. The inside is a significant area that has undergone significant development, and it now comes standard with a massive new infotainment touchscreen that measures 11.3 inches.

When compared to other senior citizens in the aging mid-size sector, such as the Toyota Tacoma, the Ford Ranger, and the Honda Ridgeline, the Colorado currently has the edge in terms of power and technology. This is true regardless of the task at hand.

2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2
2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2

2024 Chevy Colorado Spied

This week, a set of fresh spy photographs gave us our first look at the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado. These photos give us an idea of what to anticipate when General Motors’ tiny pickup trucks are replaced in 2023 or 2024.

Because of the considerable camouflage that is still there, this prototype is unable to reveal anything lot about the new style of Colorado, but based on its profile, it seems as if the up-and-down rear cabin lines will no longer be a feature of the vehicle.

We wouldn’t be shocked if the new Colorado took on an appearance that was more angular and square, much like its older sibling, the half-ton Silverado. This would be more like its larger brother. It is also anticipated that the Silverado will give what could be the sole new powerplant for Colorado.

It is anticipated that Chevrolet would sell a subsequent version of Colorado with just a turbocharged four-cylinder engine – specifically, the company’s brand-new 2.7T – taking ideas from Ford in this regard.

The gigantic 310-horsepower four-cylinder engine may easily pass the 3.6-liter V6 engine that is now offered in GM twins, as well as a 270-horsepower Ranger one-up engine.

This will signal the end of the V6 and diesel choices that have been provided in GM’s midsize trucks, and it continues the company’s deliberate and stealthy drive to remove lower-margin vehicles.

We refer to it as a “truck” because, well, whatever that occurs with the Chevrolet will almost certainly be reflected in the GMC. Canyon is planned to be updated at the same time as Equinox, and it is probable that both vehicles will continue to be reskinned versions of Chevy’s product.

We are unable to provide a specific date for when Chevrolet will begin selling next-generation Colorado, but given that the prototype is already in a situation where it is mostly finished, we are hopeful that it will not be too much longer. There have been rumblings that it would be released to consumers as a 2024 model as early as the year 2023.

2024 Chevy Colorado Review

Based on the success of the truck from the previous generation, Chevrolet has simplified a significant portion of the Colorado 2023’s layout. This new unit is only available as a crew cab with four doors and a box that is five feet two inches shorter than the previous one.

Chevy has opted to deliver what the majority of people desire, from the most basic Work Truck (WT) trim to the dust-removal ZR2 off-roader. This is true even if it means providing some people more than they need by selecting for a short cab and a large bed in their pickup trucks.

The new Chevrolet Colorado is proportionately broader than the previous generation of a pickup trucks by 2.3 inches. To assist in increasing the angle of approach, the new Colorado has both a longer wheelbase (by 3.1 inches), which is standard across all trim levels and reduced front overhangs.

It is more of an improvement over the previous truck’s 31.8-degree angle, which is 31.8 degrees; it is also better than the Tacoma TRD Pro’s current 35.0-degree approach, which is 38 degrees. The new ZR2’s approach angle is 38 degrees.

The Gladiators won this segment’s measure with an approach angle of 43.6 degrees, making them the clear winner. Aluminum wheel alternatives are now available in 1999 for Colorado thanks to the wheels’ new bolt design, which is the full-size 6.0 x 5.5-inch Silverado 1500 layout.

With larger hubs, greater brakes. The Colorado 2023 has four-wheel discs that are now an inch bigger at the front axle and nearly an inch larger at the robust rear axle than they were before.

In a 4WD form, it gains between 200 and 300 more pounds of weight, although the ZR2 model sees the most significant improvement.

The previous Crew-cab ZR2 that we tested had a 3.6-liter V-6 that was shortly discontinued and weighed 4749 pounds, but the current ZR2 has a trouser size rise to 5298 pounds, which is the most increase we’ve witnessed from the published specifications.

2024 Chevy Colorado Exterior
2024 Chevy Colorado Exterior

2024 Chevy Colorado Specs

We anticipate that Chevrolet will give the Colorado nameplate its third generation with the 2023 model year, which will also mark the completion of a comprehensive redesign and reengineering of the vehicle:

  • Assembly location GM Wentzville Plant, Missouri, USA
  • The layout of the Front Engine in a Longitudinal Orientation
  • 2.7L L3B I4″ Turbo Engine
  • Automatic Contagion with 10 Different Speeds
  • Drive with the rear wheels or all four wheels simultaneously?
  • Availability United States of America and Canada
  • The model that will serve as the basis for the Chevrolet Colorado in 2022
  • Replacement for the Chevrolet Colorado in 2024
  • 2024 Chevy Colorado Trim

In the past, the Trail Boss was only available as a package for the LT and Z71 models; however, it now comes with its own distinct trim levels. It has the same broad front end as the ZR2 model, but it has a lesser factory raise of just 2.0 inches, giving it a ground clearance of 9.4 inches, and it has 18-inch wheels with 32-inch Goodyear Territory AT tires wrapped around them.

The Trail Boss and the Z71 both employ identical wheel and tire arrangements, but the Trail Boss’s cabin is more basic while the Z71’s is more luxurious. After upgrading to the ZR2 model, things became an even greater challenge. The Colorado ZR2 comes standard with a ground clearance of 10.7 inches, the largest tires available, and the highest number of LED lights.

The Chevy Flow Tie front badges, a spray-on bed liner, 17-inch wheels with 33-inch midfield tires, front and rear electronic locking differentials, a 3.42 rear axle, and additional body armor underneath are all included as standard equipment. All of these features are intended to ward off the unavoidable.

In addition to that, it is equipped with gold and blue Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) dampers. This time around, the rear dampers are located outside the frame rather than within it. According to Chevy, this change was required due to the size and construction of the new truck.

Desert Boss, more particularly the boss of the off-road desert, is an additional gear pack that can be added to the ZR2 that gives it even more off-road flamboyance.

Beadlock-enabled wheels measuring 17 inches in diameter are installed, along with a bespoke bash bar front bumper, a roof-mounted light bar, an underbody camera, and a sticker proclaiming the owner as the true Desert Boss. When the two bosses meet in the wild, the outcome of their encounter is a mystery at this point. Perhaps they have already had lunch.

There is a new tailgate storage system that comes standard on the ZR2 and is an available option on other models. It has a lockable storage compartment that is 45 inches by 4 inches and can be used to store your favorite tools, beverages, or rock collection.

This tailgate can also lock itself in the middle position, much as the Ford Maverick small truck does, to assist in loading flat materials onto the bed of the vehicle. These items may weigh up to 500 pounds and include sheets of drywall or sheets of wood.