2024 Chrysler 300 SRT: Is Chrysler Bringing Back The 300 SRT? A trip to the Chrysler website is sure to put you in a downcast mood. The Pacifica, the Pacifica Hybrid, and the 300 are the three cars that are now part of the lineup for what was once a brand that was recognized all over the world.

That could change soon, as Chrysler is getting ready to make an announcement at the 2022 Detroit Motor Show the following week. This announcement could have some connection to the recent upgrade to the Chrysler 300 for 2024, as well as a teaser image that states that the American brand will “bring the power” in 2024.

We were under the impression that the 300 was operating on borrowed time, but Chrysler is certain that it still had something valuable to offer the world. It was nothing too significant and served more as a gentle reminder that it is still in existence.

In the realm of automotive facelifts, this one was comparable to a simple botox injection. However, there was one sentence in the press release that really stood out to us. Chrysler has said that they would be releasing news on a limited edition model later on in the year.

One day after the revelation that the Chrysler 300 will be getting a makeover, the automaker sent out another email announcing that it would have a press conference during the Detroit Motor Show.

Stellaris, a company that has risen from obscurity to prominence in the span of a single month, is the current owner of the brand. It is gradually making its way through all of the brands that it owns in order to announce adjustments to existing models as well as what the company has in store for the future.

The modification was first applied to Dodge vehicles, and it will soon be applied to Jeeps as well. At this moment, all indications point to Chrysler doing the same thing at the Detroit Motor Show, in an effort to steal some of the spotlight that will be cast on the new Ford Mustang.

We are aware that Stellantis is making significant investments in electric vehicles, but Chrysler has been falling behind in this sector. The only electric vehicle (EV) that Chrysler has shown us so far is the Airflow Concept, which is not even close to being ready for production.

According to our information, the Airflow won’t be available until late 2024 as a model for 2025; thus, what exactly is Chrysler talking about? What kind of power does it plan to bring about?

If you look at the Stellantis design in great detail, you’ll discover that it welcomes electrification while also ensuring that ICE is given a fitting farewell. The final demand for gas burners to be ordered by Dodge has been made, and the company has announced special versions of vehicles like the Charger Super Bee and the Challenger Shakedown.

Will Chrysler use a similar redesign for the 300? Everything points to a positive answer, particularly considering that nobody cares about the Chrysler 300 anymore after the SRT trim was removed from the lineup.

2024 Chrysler 300 SRT
2024 Chrysler 300 SRT


Both of the aforementioned special edition Dodges are powered by the same 6.4-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that was found in the now-retired 300 SRT. Since the SRT was discontinued, not much has changed; for example, the engine still generates the same 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque as before.

There is no valid reason why Chrysler cannot bring back the SRT as a limited edition vehicle that is restricted to producing just 1,000 units. That is exactly what Dodge is doing right now.

Since there was not enough interest in the SRT, there is no point in continuing to pursue it. It’s half nostalgia, part fundamental economics.

After Dodge declared that it would no longer be producing V8 cars, the company’s dealerships were swamped with customer queries. Because the vast majority of people just can’t fathom a future without V8 muscle vehicles, the current level of demand is unprecedented.

The SRT did not sell well since it was overpriced for what it offered and there were other vehicles that offered more value for the same amount of money.

Back then, it was simple to disregard, but today, with the knowledge that this particular instance will be the last of its sort, it is not so simple. Not just the last 300 to have a 6.4-liter V8, but also the final Chrysler vehicle to include a V8 engine.

Both the standard 3.6-liter V6 engine and the optional 5.7-liter V8 engine will be carried over to the 2024 Chrysler 300. In comparison, the V8 engine generates a remarkable 363 Hewlett Packard energy, while the V6 engine only produces 292. The two engines seem to be paired for an automatic transmission with eight different gears.

The only model in the lineup with a rear-wheel drivetrain is the 300C, while all of the other trims have an all-wheel drive (AWD) option. The 2024 Chrysler 300 features some remarkable 0 to 60 times, despite the fact that it is a monstrously large vehicle.

It is hardly remarkable, but neither is it inconsequential by any stretch of the imagination. Starting at 4800 revolutions per minute, torque continues to increase all the way up to 155 miles per hour. A selection that is acceptable overall. It’s the kind of velocity that seems attainable at any moment and in any situation.


The 2024 Chrysler 300 sedan is sure to be a conversation starter on the street thanks to its monstrously appealing and imposing exterior design. The four-door sedan with muscular bumps is a model that one seldom ever sees in this specific segment.

It’s possible that there may be some small changes made to the design, but nothing has been decided yet. We anticipate that the overall appearance will be quite similar to that of the extroverted 2022 vehicle, with just a little modification to the headlights and taillights.

The length of the Chrysler is 198.6 inches, the width is 75 inches, and the height is 58.7 inches, which is enough to grab anyone’s attention. The vehicle weighs an excess of 4,013 pounds. The design may seem more vintage, yet the sophisticated air attracts the customer’s attention.

According to the statistical information, the Nissan Maxima has higher sales potential with improved ground clearance. It provides you with 7.3 inches, which is the maximum amount of floor clearance available inside the comparison. Despite the fact that it has to be undermined with length and level, this clearing might really help you to discard a poor street.

2024 Chrysler 300 SRT Interior
2024 Chrysler 300 SRT Interior


It’s possible that the cabin of your 2024 Chrysler 300 will have a similar layout to this one. In the 2024 offering, there is an abundance of eight-way energy-variable seats, which are ideal for high-quality solutions such as warmed vehicle drivers and passenger chairs.

The more environmentally friendly and energy efficient 300C has a cabin that is just as interesting. Seating is made of perforated natural leather, and mahogany is used for ornamentation. In the middle of the dashboard is an 8.4-inch information and entertainment display.

The dual-sector auto weather management system ensures that the cabin configuration is maintained. The magnificent sunroof provides the interior with the essential sense of luxury while also making the space seem more light and airy.

The competition won’t be able to beat Chrysler’s spacious interior. There is a little reduction in the amount of space available in the trunk, but the second row of seats is much larger, and there is a respectable amount of headroom since the roof is boxy.

With an 8.4-inch display, the Uconnect 4C provides the most intuitive and easy-to-use replies available in its category. The infotainment system comes standard with a 6-lecturer audio system, a SiriusXM satellite radio receiver, and a complimentary subscription to SiriusXM for the first year.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play are also available for use with the infotainment system. The Uconnect 4C NAV is not required, and customers have the option to purchase it as part of a separate package deal.

2024 Chrysler 300 SRT Exterior
2024 Chrysler 300 SRT Exterior

2024 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Price and Release Date

There may be new features included in the 2024 Chrysler 300. In spite of this, prices will remain consistent with those of the 2022 designs. The base Touring model starts at $30,040, and if you want all-wheel drive (AWD), it will cost you $32,790.

The base price of the 300S is $36,995, while the base price of the most famous stop variation, the 300C with the V8 engine, is close to $41,995. Revenue that Chrysler anticipates to get in 2024 from Tumble. In the event that the curve has been flattened, else it will be brought right back to the first quarter.