2024 GMC Acadia: Is GMC Acadia Getting Bigger? The next-generation 2024 GMC Acadia was seen testing out on public roads once again as a prototype covered in camouflage, providing us with yet another glimpse at an impending upsized crossover vehicle.

The 2024 GMC Acadia will enter its third generation as an all-new full-size vehicle, as stated in an exclusive report released by GM Authority in August of 2020.

2024 GMC Acadia
2024 GMC Acadia

This report predicted that the 2024 GMC Acadia would be much larger than the present model. Because the GMC Acadia was first debuted as a full-size, three-row crossover for the 2007 model year, this will bring the brand back to its original configuration.

The GMC Acadia was originally a full-size SUV, but it was subsequently shrunk to a midsize offering for the second generation, which was introduced for the 2017 model year. However, it is currently expected to return to the full-size class for the 2024 model year.

To that aim, the interior of the 2024 GMC Acadia will have a larger wheelbase, which will allow for a more roomy third-row seat as well as more space in the vehicle’s luggage area. When it is released, the next-generation GMC Acadia will go up against competitors like as the Hyundai Palisade.

Despite the fact that this prototype has once again been wrapped in extensive camouflage coverings, we are still able to make out the crossover’s distinctly boxy body shape.

This includes a more upright posture, which takes its cues from the SUV version of the GMC Yukon. A new set of alloy wheels with a multi-directional design and a two-tone finish can also be seen, and at the back of the crossover, there is a twin exhaust system with rounded-off tips.

Underneath its skin, the 2024 GMC Acadia will ride on the highly adaptable GM VSS-F vehicle set, which also serves as the foundation for the crossovers known as the Buick Encore GX and the Chevrolet Trailblazer. This vehicle set features a modular design that is front-drive based and transversely mounted engines.

The 3.6L V6 LGX gasoline engine mated to the GM 9-speed automatic gearbox and delivering power to the front axle as standard and all four wheels as an optional extra, is where the vehicle’s motivation will most likely come from.

It is also probable that the 2024 GMC Acadia will be offered with the more fuel-efficient turbocharged 2.0L I4 LSY gasoline engine, and it is also being considered to offer the turbocharged 2.7L I4 L3B gasoline engine.

Production will take place at the GM factory in Lansing Delta Township, which is located in Michigan; the launch is scheduled for the following year.

2024 GMC Acadia Redesign

This rework is set to include a lot of new features, and one of the first things we should discuss is the platform. According to the information at our disposal so far, the next-generation 2024 GMC Acadia will ride on an entirely new architecture. The business will use a new version of the GM’s new VSS-F platform, which is extremely modular and will in the future underlie almost the whole unibody range.

The new platform will bring about a great deal of improvement, both in terms of ride quality and technological advancements. On the other hand, there will be a great deal of continuity, beginning with the transversely-mounted engine and the front-wheel drive configuration. Obviously, all-wheel drive will also be an option.

The Future Strategy for Manufacturing

Some sources claim that the firm has at least some plans to make the new Acadia available in larger models, and these sizes will likely be increased. The subsequent generation of the Acadia is expected to debut in 2023 as a 2024 model. If all goes according to plan, the GMC Acadia will be around the same size as the Buick Enclave and the Chevrolet Traverse.

When the firm was developing the second generation of the Acadia (as the midsize crossover), one of its goals was to reposition the vehicle inside the crossover market, which at the time was regarded as the most popular and mainstream alternative.

Because of this, they devised a plan to compete with Grand Cherokee by focusing on the competition in the midsize market (from Jeep). Nonetheless, it would seem that the scheme was not entirely successful. They were not successful in achieving the desired effects, and the increase in sales of Acadia did not occur as anticipated.

Despite the fact that they integrated two years’ worth of sales periods, Acadia’s sales statistic was underwhelming in comparison to that of the Grand Cherokee (compared to only one-year sales of Grand Cherokee).

2024 GMC Acadia Release Date
2024 GMC Acadia Release Date

Our Covert Photographer Has Obtained Photos of the 2024 GMC Acadia.

We were able to see a prototype of the all-new 2024 GMC Acadia being put through its paces on public roads, where it displayed its newly developed full-size frame. This took place outside of the GM Proving Grounds.

GMC product strategists conducted a little experiment to reduce the size of the current Acadia by moving it from the full-size to the midsize category in 2017. This was accomplished by cutting 7.2 inches off the length and 3.5 inches off the breadth of its full-size stablemates.

According to reports, the transition to a more compact Acadia generated a great deal of upheaval among GMC dealers and elsewhere in General Motors. To compete with the Chevrolet Traverse and the Buick Enclave, the GMC Acadia seems to be reclaiming its bigger, no-compromises, three-row footprint. This indicates that the Acadia is once again going big.

The most recent prototype demonstrates that the new Acadia has a larger wheelbase, as well as more generous load capacity behind the third row and in the rear. It is presently uncertain if the new Acadia will use the same Long Wheelbase Chi architecture that underlies the Traverse and the Enclave, or whether General Motors has progressed to a new modular SUV platform that has been reported for the company’s future product pipeline.

The Acadia is now undergoing testing while covered in extensive camouflage; nevertheless, this cannot disguise the SUV’s newly expanded proportions; hence, the finer stylistic aspects are still unknown.

The lighting is of the early placeholder form, but part of the grille slats can be seen through the camouflage mesh, which suggests that this is a lower-to-mid-level trim, and not a fancy Denali standard prototype. This is a good indication that the vehicle will be released later this year.

Exclusive Review of the All-New 2024 GMC Acadia, the New Super GMC Acadia

2024 GMC Acadia The next-generation GMC Acadia was recently seen being tested by a photographer working for GM Authority. The photographs in our gallery reveal that General Motors has opted to reimagine the crossover as a bigger full-size vehicle.

The current second-generation GMC Acadia, which was released for the 2017 model year, has a shorter wheelbase than this GMC Acadia prototype, which has a lengthier wheelbase. This allows for sitting in the third row to be roomier, in addition to providing greater space in the back for goods.

Even though this early prototype was covered in a substantial layer of camouflage, which masked the most of its external appearance, it is evident that the future GMC Acadia will take on a body that is a little bit more boxy and upright, influenced by the GMC Yukon.

The GMC Acadia is going to be ready to compete with well-liked products such as the Hyundai Palisade since it will have a wider wheelbase and greater capacity for the third row of seats.

Constructing and Establishing a Platform

It is expected that GMC will equip the new Acadia with the VSS-F platform, which is a new platform that offers a high degree of adaptability and is manufactured by GMC. The Buick Encore GX 2020 and the Chevrolet Trailblazer 2021 were the first vehicles to use it. It is quite probable that General Motors will base the construction of all of their future cars on the VSS-F design.

Important Changes Coming to the GMC Acadia in 2024

Acadia has seen several revisions, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if the 2024 GMC Acadia differs in some way from the one that is now available. Many individuals consider the GMC Acadia to be an odd vehicle that was manufactured by the company.

And they do have valid justifications for holding such beliefs. The first generation, which was introduced in 2007, debuted as a full-size crossover vehicle with a three-row seating configuration. Next, almost ten years after the first release of the product, the manufacturer debuted the Acadia, a crossover vehicle of the midsize class.

This model is unquestionably more compact than the model it replaced. There is a rumor going around that the next generation could bring the crossover return to the formula that it was originally based on, which is the full size crossover.

2024 GMC Acadia Redesign
2024 GMC Acadia Redesign

Mechanical propulsion and athletic ability

If everything goes according to plan, the new Acadia will ship with a gas LGVX6 unit that has a capacity of 3.6 liters and will be linked with an auto start/stop engine feature as well as an automatic 9 gear transmission.

Additionally, it will be available in a front-wheel drive configuration as the default and a four-wheel drive configuration as an optional add-on. There is a possibility that they provide a model that is more fuel efficient, such as the inline-four turbocharged model that has a capacity of 2.0 liters.

Future Production

The Acadia would be produced in the Spring Hill Assembly factory that is owned by GM and is situated in the state of Tennessee. It would go into production at the same time as the Caddy XT6 and the Caddy XT5, respectively.

It is our sincere hope that production of the Acadia will continue at this factory even after the 2024 model has been introduced. As soon as further information about the 2024 GMC Acadia becomes available, you should learn more about it.