2024 Honda Accord: Next-Gen Redesign & Release Date – Late in the previous month, we were given our first look at the next Honda Accord refresh, which is now in the works. Kolesa.ru has published several unauthorized drawings that aim to preview the new look, despite the fact that Honda has covered it with a camouflage wrap.

Although the spy images don’t show a lot of information, it seems like the new Accord will be the same size as the one that is being discontinued. However, Honda plans to give it a significant makeover, and the images depict a sedan that borrows aesthetic aspects from the latest generation of the Civic.

The new Accord will have headlights that are more slender, a larger grille, and a lower bumper that is more streamlined. The covert photographs revealed that the vehicle’s grille had camouflage, but these drawings make no mention of it.

It is impossible for the camouflage to conceal the fact that the Honda has a roofline that sweeps backward at the rear. However, we anticipate that the rear end of the Accord will follow the front with a design that is more mature and will embrace the taillight style of the Civic.

2024 Honda Accord
2024 Honda Accord

The images depict the Accord with a light bar linking the taillights; this is a potential design item that will be included in the final product. The covert photographs seem to show the trunk to have an object sandwiched in between the lighting components.

There is a chance that Honda may use the same platform for the next-generation model as it does for the existing one. If this happens, then the current lineup of available powertrains will most likely be carried over to the next sedan.

Both a 192-horsepower (143-kilowatt) 1.5-liter four-cylinder and a 252-horsepower (187-kilowatt) four-cylinder are available for the current generation of the Honda Accord. In addition, Honda provides the Accord Hybrid, which is capable of producing 212 horsepower (158 kW), and the manufacturer may make some adjustments to the new model.

Because the spy images only recorded the outside of the vehicle, we do not have any information on the Accord’s cabin. On the other hand, we anticipate Honda to make a number of substantial adjustments.

It is possible that it will take after the Civic and acquire a more streamlined appearance along with modernized information and entertainment technology.

Although Honda has not disclosed when it will show off the new Accord, the firm has said that the next-generation Accord Hybrid will make its debut in 2023, following in the footsteps of the CR-V Hybrid.

The all-electric crossover will make its debut later this year for the 2023 model year, which would most likely pave the way for the Accord to come sometime early the following year for the 2024 model year.

The CGI Design of the 2024 Honda Accord is Sophisticated, and the Vehicle Offers a Wide Range of Ritzy Color Options.

This summer in the United States, Honda is pretty active with their operations. It was only announced last week that the sixth generation of the 2023 Honda CR-V small crossover SUV will be on sale. It will soon be joined by the forthcoming 2023 Civic Type R high-performance variant, which will make its debut on July 20th, 2022. But that is not the end of it.

Instead, Honda will keep pushing soon enough with a 2023 or (more likely) a 2024 model year Accord mid-size sedan to demonstrate Ford and the lot they’ve been incorrect for sending four-doors (like the Taurus) into oblivion. This will occur with the Accord model year in 2023 or 2024.

And according on what we have seen in the official spy images that have been released so far, it might very well be more American than Detroit and Company itself.

Despite the fact that the all-new eleventh-generation Honda Accord is still being kept a well-guarded secret, almost everyone has an unofficial opinion on the way the new model will seem.

In addition, the helpful individuals working at the AutoYa information channel on YouTube have envisioned what the eleventh generation of this ubiquitous Japanese mid-size car would look like, complete with a few color adjustments.

As is their custom, the news site has made an effort to debunk all of the speculations that have been circulating in reference to the forthcoming new generation and has made assumptions about what is still unknown, such as the inside. It is said that the latter will draw influence from recent releases like the Civic and CR-V pair.

Furthermore, the new small crossover SUV will give an upgraded hybrid engine with 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft (335 Nm) in order to make it even more appealing.

Honda Accord 2024
Honda Accord 2024

The Design of the 2024 Honda Accord Is Presented in Patent Drawings

Because of the design drawings that we created earlier this year, we already have a very decent idea of what to anticipate from the forthcoming eleventh generation of the Honda Accord, which will debut in 2024.

Now that the whole design of the next-generation midsize vehicle has been discovered on the website of the Brazilian government, we can evaluate how correct our predictions were.

Since the purpose of the patent is just to establish the proposed production design, the Brazilian patent site provides very little real explanation of the invention, despite the fact that the patent photos provide a complete 360-degree view at the 2024 Accord in the form of a series of drawings.

However, it is clear that our prognosis of a complete light bar for the taillights was correct since this is reflected in the renderings that have been released. It is also clear that the next Accord will maintain the general basic and sleek fastback type design of the existing vehicle, but with even more simplifications.

The front end has a six-pointed grille form that is flanked by two flat, long headlights. This design is certainly partially influenced by the most recent design of the 2023 Honda CR-V, which was only presented in its entirety the week before last.

The overhangs also seem to be a little bit longer over the front and back wheels, which suggests that the tenth-generation wheelbase will remain the same. However, the total length might possibly increase, which could result in additional space inside the vehicle as well as in the trunk.

The entire appearance seems to have been influenced by more luxury cars, which may be the direction Honda is trying to take its heritage sedan in the future.

We anticipate that the present engine configurations will be carried over into the next-generation Accord since it will be built on the same basis as the current vehicle. However, there may be some changes or upgrades made to them.

That would need either a turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) or an upgrade to a turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. We anticipate that a hybrid version will once again be offered, which will combine a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine with an electric motor.

It is certain that the vehicle will have front-wheel drive, but it is unknown if Honda would consider producing an all-wheel drive model in light of the increasing demand for such vehicles among other manufacturers.

We think that we will obtain more information on the next Accord before the end of the year, with the model set to go into production for the 2024 model year. Now that the new hybrid CR-V has been presented in its entirety, we anticipate that we will get this information.

2024 Honda Accord Redesign
2024 Honda Accord Redesign

It Appears That the 2023 Honda Accord Will Have a Sleek, Next-Generation Design

The eleventh generation of the Accord sedan is well on its way to production, and Honda has said that the hybrid version of the vehicle will play a more major role in the lineup:

  • This is the next-generation Honda Accord, and it won’t be available until the first quarter of 2023 as the model year 2023.
  • The hybrid vehicle is going to play a more major role in Honda’s product selection, and the company hopes that it will eventually account for fifty percent of all sales.
  • We anticipate that the turbocharged gasoline engines of 1.5 and 2.0 liters will be retained.

C/D has been informed by Honda that the redesigned Accord will not be available until the 2023 model year and that the debut of the next generation will take place in the early part of the following year.

As was the case with the new 2023 CR-V, we anticipate that the hybrid version of the vehicle will be on sale a few months after the normal variant. This article has been revised to reflect these changes.

Although the Accord is not as important to Honda as the CR-V crossover is today, which serves as the company’s primary vehicle, the Accord sedan, which has won the 10Best award year after year, is about to enter a new generation.

Its new design can be seen in these leaked photographs, and it seems to be clean and straightforward. It also does not appear to be all that unlike to the current 10th-generation model, which has been available since the 2018 model year.

Narrow headlights surround what seems to be a very understated grille at the front of the vehicle. The surface along the sides is quite minimal, and the taillights give the impression that they run over the whole width of the back end and wrap around onto the fenders.