2024 Honda Odyssey V6: Everything We Know So Far – As the Honda Odyssey continues to improve the characteristics that make it the greatest family vehicle available in the United States, the 2024 model year will see the introduction of an exciting new Sports grade.

The Odyssey’s initial Sport trim delivers a distinctive design both inside and out, giving the vehicle an appearance that is both more athletic and more emotive.

Odyssey also announced the launch of the new Honda Service Pass, a new free service package that provides buyers of 2024 Honda vehicles with the option of having scheduled maintenance completed at participating Honda dealerships for either two years or twenty-four thousand miles, whichever comes first.

Odyssey EX 2024 prices start at $37,340 (not including $1,295 for shipping and transportation costs), and the vehicle will begin arriving in showrooms on May 23.

According to Mike Kistemaker, assistant vice president of national sales for American Honda Motor Company, Inc., “The new Odyssey Sport will help Odyssey continue to set the benchmark for family-friendly features, interior capacity, and dynamic driving performance among minivans.”

2024 Honda Odyssey V6
2024 Honda Odyssey V6

Redesign Info

In the year 2024, a makeover of the Honda Odyssey might very well be in the cards. However, Honda has not yet made an official announcement on the new generation of the Odyssey, and much of the information provided in the early reports is based on guesswork. According to reports from the respected trade newspaper Automotive News, a new generation of the Honda Odyssey may be introduced for the 2024 model year.

The current generation of the Honda Odyssey debuted for the 2018 model year and has seen just a few, rather insignificant revisions ever since then.

Although we believe that the possibility of a 2024 Odyssey redesign may just be predicated on the premise of a five-year Odyssey generation, it has the potential to give the vehicle a more compelling option among a field of minivans that is becoming more competitive.

In the most recent development, Toyota converted their Sienna, a family-hauling vehicle, into a hybrid-only model. For the first time ever in the minivan market, consumers interested in purchasing a Chrysler Pacifica may choose between a gasoline-powered or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) engine configuration.

In the meanwhile, the more recent Kia Carnival maintains its status as a premium option that has the most recent technologies.

Due to the fact that Honda will no longer produce the Odyssey LX in 2024, the starting price has been raised to $38,635. Even though there is a new Sport grade in the middle of the range, it is outfitted in the same way as the EX-L and comes with a gloss-black grille, external trim that matches, and 19-inch wheels.

In addition, the EX-L comes standard with leather upholstery. Additionally, Honda will provide free maintenance for a period of two years.

Will the next-generation Odyssey be available with a hybrid powertrain, or possibly a plug-in hybrid option? What happens next is still up in the air.

The Insight, the Accord, and the CR-V Hybrid are the only Honda hybrids that are currently available for purchase. The current generation of the Honda Odyssey has a combined EPA fuel efficiency rating of just 22 mpg, which is much lower than the 36 mpg achieved by the Toyota Sienna.

The absence of an all-wheel-drive system as an available option in the Odyssey is one area in which it is arguable that the Odyssey falls short of the competition.

On the other hand, the Sienna continues to be available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. We do not yet know at this moment whether the next iteration of the Odyssey will share a platform with the predicted 2024 Honda Pilot makeover that is slated to take place this year.

In light of previous Odyssey release dates, we have placed our best guess for the 2024 Odyssey release date in the first part of the year 2024. However, we do not yet know whether or whether a worldwide scarcity of chips would have an effect on, or even postpone, the launch of the vehicle. Stay up to date by checking back for new information as it becomes available.

2024 Honda Odyssey Exterior

The 2018 Odyssey Sport distinguishes itself from the other trim levels with its dark taillights, elegant 19-inch Berlina Black alloys, and an abundance of the glossy black exterior trim. It is positioned between the Odyssey EX-L and the Touring.

A glossy black finish can be found on the grille, the headlight trim, the fog lamp surrounds, the door mirrors, the B-pillar, the C-pillar, and the taillight trim.

2024 Honda Odyssey V6 Interior
2024 Honda Odyssey V6 Interior

2024 Honda Odyssey Interior

On the inside, the steering wheel and the first- and second-row outboard seats are upholstered in sporty red contrast stitching and black leather, respectively.

Additionally, the roof pillars and the headliner are black, and during the night, the inside emits a red glow thanks to the red accent lighting that is located on the dashboard, in the footwells of the driver and passenger, as well as on the front door handles and door pockets.

The fundamental purpose of minivans is to transport people and things to locations near and far, and the Odyssey performs very well in this role.

The second and third rows are among the roomiest in their category, and the comfort level of the seats in the second row is much higher than that of the seats in the Pacifica.

The revolutionary Magic Move seats included in the second row of the Honda Odyssey provide a multitude of seating arrangements thanks to its ability to slide laterally, forwards, and backward.

The Odyssey is the ideal people carrier for the contemporary family since it has a peaceful interior and a variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as an in-cab camera that enables the driver to keep an eye on the children traveling in the second and third rows.

Its square design and low load floor imply that there is plenty of space to move stuff; yet, there are rivals who execute this task more effectively and with less difficulty. It takes some strength to remove the seats in the second row since each of the two outboard seats weighs 68 pounds.

The seat mechanism of the Magic Slide remains on the floor after it has been removed, which creates additional difficulty while loading items. According to the results of our studies, the Odyssey is capable of carrying one fewer piece of carry-on baggage than the Pacifica is when both the third and second rows of seats are removed.

Display Audio is an infotainment system with an 8.0-inch touchscreen that comes standard on all Odysseys. The software enables customization of menu layouts as well as smartphone communication not just through Bluetooth but also via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

Bluetooth connectivity is not the only method supported. A backseat entertainment system that includes a built-in streaming app comes standard on both the Touring and Elite trim levels.

Honda Odyssey Engine

The Odyssey is a lover who does not need any concessions since it is fleet-footed, sleek, and polished. Because of the tight turns made by the Odyssey, it is easy to forget that you are operating a three-row van while you are behind the wheel of this vehicle. Direct steering and mild power are both present, although it would be nice to have further input from the road.

However, the Odyssey is a minivan that can be ridden effectively, and its agility makes it competent on turns and simple to drive on small roads. Driving fanatics will not be satisfied with this vehicle since, after all, it is still a minivan.

Our tests revealed that the ride quality of the Elite was inferior to that of our long-range Pacifica; however, the fact that the Elite comes standard with 19-inch wheels is a possibility.

The EX-L that we tested had wheels that were 18 inches in diameter and seemed to be more suited to the rough Michigan roads that we travel on a daily basis. However, the Odyssey has a pleasant ride on most road conditions, despite the fact that some passengers will still gripe about it.

2024 Honda Odyssey V6 Exterior
2024 Honda Odyssey V6 Exterior

2024 Honda Odyssey Price, Release Date

There is no way around the fact that the upcoming 2024 Honda Odyssey will be much more expensive than the type that is currently in production. Since the existing one begins at $33,000, you may anticipate that the new one will cost around $5000 higher than the current one.

It is anticipated that the redesigned Honda Odyssey will be on sale somewhere in the calendar year 2024YM. When that time comes, we may anticipate the release of numerous new minivans, including the Toyota Sienna and the Chrysler Pacifica, which are the most direct competitors.