2024 Honda Prologue Price: Next-Gen Redesign & Release Date – In the last several years, the sole electric vehicle (EV) that Honda has sold in the United States is the unpopular and controversial Clarity model. This indicates that Honda has been unduly cautious about the transition to EVs.

This will no longer be the case with the launch of the all-new Prologue, a completely electric SUV that will be available for purchase in the United States in 2024.

Although Honda is not yet prepared to discuss the Prologue’s technical specifications, we do know that it was co-created with General Motors and that it has the same Ultium platform and batteries as the Chevrolet Blazer EV. This is evident from the overall dimensions of the vehicle.

According to Honda, the Prologue is both 5 inches wider and 8 inches longer overall than the CR-V. The Prologue’s wheelbase is 121.8 inches, which is over a foot larger than the wheelbase of the three-row Pilot.

The Prologue features a long, low, and broad shape with a rising beltline, a tapering roofline, and a raked rear hatch, which gives it an athletic appearance. Additionally, the rear hatch is sloped.

The style of the Honda Prologue was headed by a team of younger designers headquartered in Los Angeles. It has a very appealing design with clean surface and some clever accents, and it was designed by Honda. The front fascia of the bluff car has a black grille panel with LED headlights that are arranged horizontally on each side of it.

The lower bumper has a huge intake and an unusual depression in the bodywork right below where the grille is located. The Prologue sports short overhangs and wheels that measure 21 inches in diameter that are pushed to the corners.

The wheel arches, side skirts, and lower bumper sections are all surrounded by gloss black cladding. The taillights are placed into another black panel, which looks extremely nice, and the word “Honda” is spelled out in a futuristic typeface on the Prologue, which replaces the traditional “H” emblem on other Honda vehicles.

The Prologue’s cabin is the prettiest one we’ve seen on the interior of a contemporary Honda sold in the United States.

The car that is shown in these photographs seems to be an Elite trim level that is completely optioned out, since it has a two-tone grey interior and equipment such as ventilated seats. The Prologue seems to feature updated infotainment software, as it has a screen for the gauge cluster that measures 11 inches and a touchscreen measuring 11.3 inches that sit atop the low dashboard.

The touchscreen has a visible physical volume knob. It has the same horizontal concept as previous new Hondas, with air vents that appear to reach across the whole dash, but the honeycomb trim that we’ve seen on vehicles like the Civic and CR-V is not present in the Prologue.

Although there are just two rows of seating in the Prologue, it seems that passengers in the back will have plenty of space for their legs and heads.

Although the steering wheel and column stalks, door handles, window controls, and lock switches have all been copied straight from the Blazer, the switchgear and other interior features of the Prologue have an appearance that is distinctively Honda.

2024 Honda Prologue Price
2024 Honda Prologue Price


It would seem that Honda’s next effort at manufacturing an electric vehicle, the 2024 Prologue SUV, will be more successful than its last try, the Clarity sedan. This time around, the company’s efforts should prove to be competitive as a result of an agreement reached with General Motors over a collaborative development project.

Now that official photographs of the Prologue have been made available by Honda, we are able to view its outside appearance, as well as its interior furnishings, and get a feel of its total size. Certain specifics, including as the engine and driving range, are still unknown.

It will be placed above the CR-V in the range of Honda vehicles and has proportions that are comparable to those of the mid-size Passport. The external design is tastefully subtle and quite attractive.

The shown Prologue has wheels of 21 inches in diameter, a panoramic sunroof, and straightforward LED lighting components. On the inside, it borrows styling elements from previous Honda vehicles, such as an infotainment display in the form of an upright tablet, a dashboard that is designed to be streamlined, and a center console that is clear of clutter.

It will utilize variants of the Ultium battery packs that are currently powering GM’s new electric vehicles, such as the Blazer EV, with which the Prologue looks to share components. The platform that the Prologue will ride on was created in collaboration with General Motors.

If the Blazer’s specs are any indicator, you may anticipate a driving range of between 250–320 miles per charge, although this will vary on the configuration you choose. Acura, which is a premium brand owned by Honda, is said to be working on a model of the Prologue that will most likely be referred to as the ZDX.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Even if the inside of the Prologue has characteristics that hint to its previous life as a Chevrolet, Honda has done a good job of imbuing the cabin with a design that makes it seem to be one of its own.

Its straightforward dashboard design does not have any of the embellishments that are seen in the Blazer EV, such as Chevy’s circular vents, brightly colored surfaces, or tilting information display. Instead, the Honda’s layout is quite similar to that of the Civic small car and the Passport SUV.

It has a clean design that is portrayed in subdued tones. Because Honda claims that the Prologue’s wheelbase is 8.0 inches longer than the CR-and V’s that the EV variant is also 5.0 inches wider, we may anticipate that the inside will be more spacious and that there will be more capacity for cargo.

2024 Honda Prologue SUV Interior
2024 Honda Prologue SUV Interior

Infotainment and Connectivity

An infotainment touchscreen measuring 11.3 inches occupies the prime position of prominence in the center of the Prologue’s dashboard. We are unsure if the system will run a version of Honda’s most recent software interface or whether it will move to a reskinned version of GM’s Google-based system.

If it does transition, we will update this section accordingly. In either scenario, we anticipate having access to amenities such as a wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface, in-dash navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a wireless charging pad for our mobile devices.

The digital gauge display with a resolution of 11.0 inches that is shown in the photographs is also quite likely to be standard. Photos show a Bose stereo system with tweeter speakers installed in the Prologue’s A-pillars; however, we anticipate that the standard option will consist of an unbranded stereo with a reduced number of speakers.

Honda’s Blazer EV?

The Ultrium drive and battery management system was used in the co-development of the Prologue, which was carried out in collaboration with GM. The Prologue is built on the adaptable BEV3 platform architecture created by GM.

The first reactions lead one to believe that the Honda Blazer EV and the Chevrolet Blazer EV have the same skeletal structure. Since the length of the extended wheelbase is identical to that of the Blazer EV, this is a strong hint that there may be other parallels between the two vehicles.

Although the specific technical specs have not been disclosed just yet, we are able to see what Honda has done to set the Prologue apart from any probable GM relatives. A sculpted, albeit rather nondescript, look can be seen at the front, which also has Honda’s family light array.

Although the roof seems to slope towards the rear, which brings to mind the Blazer EV, the beltline and lower side profile are constrained in a manner that is quintessentially Honda. While the lowermost parts of the driver’s side front fender are covered in plastic cladding, there is a charging port located on that fender.

As we get to the rear, we see that the Honda insignia has been replaced with the phrase “Honda,” there is a spoiler, and the rear window is quite narrow.

All of these design elements are reminiscent of the Range Rover Evoque. According to Honda, the Honda lettering has been styled in such a manner as to reflect “the contemporary and sleek appearance of the Prologue,” and the vehicle will also adopt the badging reserved for the e: series.

2024 Honda Prologue Price Exterior
2024 Honda Prologue Price Exterior

Release Date and Price

The Prologue will be available for purchase in 2024, although there is currently no indication of how much it will cost. Expect the price of the Prologue to be in the same range as the 2022 Pilot, which will cost slightly less than $40,000, and the Blazer EV, which will start at around $45,000.

According to Honda, the new CR-V hybrid will serve as a suitable starting point for its consumers who wish to move to owning an electric vehicle (EV). In areas that will be the first to acquire the Prologue, the company will offer shorter leases for a period of two years.

In 2026, the United States will get its first look at electric vehicles constructed in North America that are based on Honda’s e:Architecture. The following year, in 2027, a new line of inexpensive electric vehicles that were also co-developed with GM and constructed in America will go on sale.