2024 Honda Prologue V6: Everything We Know So Far – Although Honda was one of the manufacturers that were slowest to hop on the electrification bandwagon, the company has now shown its first electric vehicle (EV) model that is intended for mass production.

The all-new electric SUV known as the Prologue has dimensions that are comparable to those of the Honda Passport. The new Honda Prologue was created in collaboration with General Motors (GM), and Honda has said that it will be available for purchase in the year 2024.

The Prologue EV maintains Honda’s signature design language while presenting a sleek and cutting-edge exterior look. It is equipped with wheels of 21 inches, and the front fascia was designed using inspiration from Honda’s e EV for the Japanese and European markets.

Honda has said that the natural beauty and hues that can be seen in Lake Tahoe in California served as the inspiration for the special North Shore Pearl color that will be made available. To pay homage to the company’s history, Honda changed the letter “H” insignia on the back of the SUV to a logo that spells out “HONDA.”

The wheelbase of the Prologue, which measures 121.8 inches, is almost 11 inches longer than that of the Passport; nonetheless, the two models are startlingly comparable in size when seen from the outside.

The length of the Passport is measured at 189.1 inches, while the length of the Prologue is measured at 192 inches. Although Honda has not yet provided specific information on the inside, it is anticipated that the increased wheelbase will result in substantial rear-seat legroom as well as luggage capacity.

The manufacturer outfits the inside of the all-electric Prologue with a panoramic roof and a one-of-a-kind color scheme for the interior that is light gray and was inspired by snowy mountains.

Standard features include a digital gauge cluster measuring 11 inches and a touchscreen measuring 11.3 inches. Honda refers it the design concept as “neo-rugged.”

Although the Honda Prologue won’t be released until 2024, the company asserts that it considers the CR-V Hybrid to be a great stepping stone for customers considering the purchase of an electric vehicle in the next few of years.

According to Honda, its research indicates that hybrid owners are generally the first to migrate to electric vehicles, and the company adds that it wants to boost hybrid sales to account for fifty percent of all CR-V cars.

It is certain that if it attracts consumers in places that require zero-emission vehicles to lease vehicles for a period of two years, it will be able to convert those customers into Prologue buyers when the time comes.

Despite the fact that it is late to the game, Honda’s aims for electrification are virtually as ambitious as those of its competitors. The car manufacturer has said that it plans to launch thirty new electric vehicle models throughout the globe by the year 2030 and has set a goal of selling two million electric vehicles per year.

By the year 2040, Honda intends to provide a selection of vehicles that produce zero emissions in their entirety, and the company hopes to collaborate with GM to produce more cost-effective versions beginning in 2026.

The 2024 Honda Prologue is a notable vehicle for the Honda brand since it is the company’s first electric vehicle designed specifically for the American market.

As its name indicates, this is the first act of a big play that is focused solely on electric automobiles in the Americas. The play itself is a tremendous undertaking.

It is also a part of Honda’s continuous attempt to adapt to what the firm has dubbed a “once-in-one-hundred-years time of significant change” in the automotive industry. Honda has labeled this a “once-in-one-hundred-year moment of great transformation” in the industry.

Now, after months of hints and tidbits of information coming directly from Honda, we now get our first comprehensive look at the Prologue. It makes use of a new design language that Honda refers to as Neo Rugged, and we can see exactly what the carmaker has in mind when they say that.

Even while we aren’t quite persuaded on the concept that its adorable appearance can be labeled as “rugged,” the design seems to be something that ASIMO would drive. It demonstrates the normal restraint that Honda is known for, and we’ll let you judge for yourself whether or not that’s a positive thing.

2024 Honda Prologue V6
2024 Honda Prologue V6


It seems that Honda’s next effort at manufacturing an electric vehicle, the 2024 Prologue SUV, will be more successful than the company’s last try, the Clarity sedan. This time around, the company’s efforts promise to be competitive as a result of an agreement to collaborate on the development of the product with General Motors.

Since Honda has finally made official photographs available, we are able to get a better idea of the Prologue’s exterior style, interior embellishments, and overall dimensions. Certain particulars, including as the engine and driving range, are still unknown at this time.

It will be placed above the CR-V in Honda’s range and has proportions that are comparable to those of the Passport’s midsize model. The external design is tasteful and subtle in an attractive way.

The shown version of the Prologue is equipped with wheels of 21 inches in diameter, a panoramic sunroof, and basic LED lighting components. Inside, it takes design inspirations from previous Honda vehicles, such as an upright tablet-style display for the infotainment system, a streamlined dashboard design, and a center console that does not have any clutter in it.

The Prologue will ride on a platform that was built in collaboration with General Motors. It will make use of modified versions of the Ultium battery packs that are currently powering GM’s new electric vehicles, such as the Blazer EV, with which the Prologue seems to share components.

Depending on the arrangement, you may anticipate a driving range of anywhere between 250 and 320 miles per charge while using the Blazer. Acura, which is Honda’s premium brand, is anticipated to also sell a version of the Prologue, which will most likely be referred to as the ZDX.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Even while there are some telltale signs that the Prologue was once a Chevrolet, Honda did a good job of imbuing the cabin with a design that makes it seem to be one of its own.

Its straightforward dashboard design does not have any of the embellishments that are seen in the Blazer EV, such as Chevy’s circular vents, brightly colored surfaces, or tilting infotainment display. Instead, the Honda’s layout is comparable to that of the Civic small car and the Passport SUV.

This means that it has a clutter-free design that is depicted in subdued tones. Since Honda claims that the Prologue’s wheelbase is 8.0 inches longer than the CR and V’s that the EV variant is also 5.0 inches wider, we may anticipate that the inside will be more spacious and that there will be more capacity for freight.

The 2024 Prologue SUV, Honda’s second attempt at an EV after the ill-fated Clarity sedan, appears to be on track. This time around, the company’s efforts promise to be competitive thanks to a joint development agreement with General Motors.

Some details are still hazy, such as the powertrain and driving range, but now that Honda has released official images we can see Prologue’s styling and interior appointments, and get a sense of its overall size. It will sit above the CR-V in the Honda lineup and is similar in dimensions to the mid-size Passport. The exterior design is handsomely understated.

The Prologue pictured sports 21-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof, and simple LED lighting elements. Inside, it pulls design cues from other Honda models, including an upright tablet-style infotainment display, a streamlined dashboard design, and a clutter-free center console.

The Prologue will ride on a platform developed jointly with General Motors; it will use versions of the Ultium battery packs already powering GM’s new EVs, including the Blazer EV—with which the Prologue appears to share components.

If the Blazer’s specifications are any indication, expect a driving range of around 250–320 miles per charge depending on the configuration. Honda’s Acura luxury brand is also expected to offer a version of the Prologue, which is likely to bear the name ZDX.

While there are clues to the Prologue’s Chevrolet roots in the interior, Honda has done well to infuse the cabin with a design that looks recognizable as one of its own. Its simplified dashboard design has none of the flourishes we can see in the Blazer EV, neither Chevy’s round vents, brightly colored surfaces, nor tilted infotainment display.

Instead, the Honda’s layout mirrors that of the Civic compact sedan and Passport SUV, with a clutter-free design rendered in muted tones. Honda says the Prologue’s wheelbase is 8.0 inches longer than the CR-V’s and that the EV model is 5.0 inches wider too, so we’re expecting a roomier cabin with additional space for cargo.

2024 Honda Prologue SUV Interior
2024 Honda Prologue SUV Interior

Infotainment and Connectivity

An infotainment touchscreen measuring 11.3 inches occupies the prime real estate in the exact center of the dash of the Prologue. We are unsure if the system will run a version of Honda’s most recent software interface or whether it will move to a reskinned version of GM’s Google-based system instead.

If it does transition, we will update this section accordingly. In any scenario, we anticipate the availability of technologies like as hands-free Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, in-dash navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a charging station for wireless smartphones.

In addition, the digital gauge display that measures 11.0 inches and is featured in the photographs is most likely going to be a regular feature. Photos show that the Prologue’s A-pillars are equipped with a Bose stereo system with tweeter speakers, but we anticipate that the cheapest model will come with an unbranded stereo that has fewer speakers.

2024 Honda Prologue V6 Exterior
2024 Honda Prologue V6 Exterior

Release Date and Price

Honda estimates that it will begin selling the Prologue sometime in 2024, and the company plans to launch an all-new platform that it has built by 2026. Keep in mind that Honda’s future architecture won’t be based on GM’s Ultium platform, which is where the Prologue got its foundation.

Honda won’t have its own architecture to deal with until 2026. By 2027, the manufacturer intends to bring out additional reasonably priced electric vehicles based on this platform. Regarding the pricing of the Prologue, Honda has said that it will be comparable to that of the Passport in its present iteration.

To compete with vehicles like as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Hyundai Ioniq 5, we anticipate that the pricing of the Prologue will be in the same general ballpark as the starting price of the Passport, which is slightly around $40,000.