2024 Honda Prologue: What We Know So Far – Because Honda and GM have agreed to collaborate on the development of the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV electric vehicle, the Japanese automaker’s second effort at an EV after the disastrous Clarity car seems to be on track and will be totally competitive.

The Prologue is a mid-size SUV, according to a concept drawing as well as spy images that were taken of a prototype of the vehicle. Other details remain sketchy. It will most likely include huge wheels, small front and rear overhangs, and straightforward lighting components, as well as the promise of an attractive appearance.

We anticipate that the Prologue will have dimensions comparable to those of the gasoline-powered Passport, but with a roofline that is somewhat less steep. The Prologue will ride on a platform that was built in collaboration with General Motors.

It will use several iterations of the Ultium battery packs that will be used in future GM electric vehicles, such as the Blazer EV, with which the Prologue seems to share components. If the specs of the Blazer are any indicator, you may anticipate a driving range of between 250–320 miles per charge, depending on the setup. Acura, the premium sub-brand of Honda, is said to be working on its own variant of the Prologue, which will most likely be referred to as the ADX.

2024 Honda Prologue
2024 Honda Prologue

What’s in Store for the Year 2024?

Because the Prologue is on schedule to go on sale in 2024, we anticipate finding out more about the new model as we get closer to its introduction, which should take place at the end of 2023.

Although Honda has not yet made details regarding the pricing or trim levels of the Prologue public, we anticipate that the new vehicle will have a base price of about $45,000 and will increase from there.

There is a good chance that Honda’s conventional LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring trim levels will be offered for this model, but we won’t know which one offers the greatest value until more information is disclosed about the vehicle’s specifications.

GM Inheritance Is Visible in the 2024 Honda Prologue Electric SUV

The 2024 Honda Prologue is beginning to take form, and the shape that it is taking is eerily similar to the Chevy Blazer EVs that were just just shown. Spy photos of a Prologue prototype as well as a new video that shows a styling buck of the new electric SUV show that the Honda has similar proportions to the Chevy and will most likely occupy the same mid-size crossover category when it launches in 2024. This information was gleaned from both of these sources.

Since the two companies had previously declared that the Prologue and the future Acura electric SUV will employ GM’s Ultium battery packs, it was no secret that Honda and GM were working together on this next vehicle. Of course, we already knew that Honda was working with GM for this upcoming model.

These newly released photographs give the impression that the similarities extend farther than the powerplant alone, as the Prologue prototype seems to have the same attitude as the Blazer. Both vehicles have a long wheelbase, low overhangs, and a similar side profile. The Honda does look to have front and rear ends that are uniquely styled, and we believe that the inside of the Honda will also be slightly distinct from the interior of the Chevrolet.

Because the Prologues seen here are not the final production models, it is possible that the overall appearance will be very different to that of the Blazer once the designs of the headlights and taillights, as well as other elements like as wheels and trim pieces, are completed. In the past, Honda has also shown a drawing of the Prologue, giving a sneak peek at its style that was described as being slightly more rugged than the sporty-looking Blazer.

Given that the two cars seem to have certain similarities, the newly disclosed technical details for the Chevy may be able to provide some light on what we can anticipate from the Prologue in terms of the amount of power it produces and the distance it can go.

The Blazer will be available in front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive configurations, and drivers will have the option of selecting a single motor or a dual-motor layout for their vehicle. However, we are unsure if Honda will provide drivers with as many different options for their vehicle.

Estimates for the Blazer’s range vary from 247 miles for the base model to 320 miles for the highest trim level, with the high-performance Blazer SS claiming to have 557 horsepower (Chevy has not yet released power ratings for the less powerful versions).

According to Honda, the Blazer will be available to purchase in 2023, while the Prologue won’t be available until the year 2024. The complete set of specs for the Prologue won’t likely be available to us for quite some time, at which point this new entry from Honda into the electric vehicle crossover market will probably be up against a broad variety of rivals.

2024 Honda Prologue Redesign
2024 Honda Prologue Redesign

A Completely Battery-Free Honda SUV

The 2024 Honda Prologue is scheduled to be introduced in the early part of 2024, and it is expected to make an impact in the electric vehicle industry. It will have an increased range of around 300 miles per charge and will have all of the elegance that is associated with Honda SUVs.

Our staff at South Honda in Miami, Florida is keeping a close eye out for the arrival of the Prologue Honda model and is already accepting pre-orders for the vehicle at our auto dealership.

Visit us now to get more information on the 2024 Honda Prologue lineup, including its power, luxury, and safety features. We are certain that you will fall in love with this brand-new range of EVS vehicles, which compete with the Cadillac Lyriq and the Acura SUVs.

The Honda Prologue 2024 is now being introduced.

It is anticipated that the Prologue Honda model will provide the same typical trim levels as our other brand-new automobiles, including the LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring variants. This electric SUV will have a chassis that was built by GM, and both the exterior and inside will exude the same sense of elegance and luxury that our clients are looking for.

It is anticipated that this highly competitive electric vehicle will be categorized as a midsize SUV and may even include a third row of seating. The Ultrium battery that Honda wants to use will have a capacity of 100 kWh, and it will power a rear-mounted electric motor that generates 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque.

It is projected that the 2024 Honda Prologue will have a range of 300 miles per charge, with the possibility of extra power coming from the battery packs on this electric vehicle.

This car will be available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. It is now simpler than ever before in North America to drive a sustainable car that lowers emissions and contributes to the preservation of the environment thanks to the increasing number of charging stations.

Honda Prologue 2024
Honda Prologue 2024

Joint Venture of the Highest Quality with General Motors

It is anticipated that the 2024 Honda Prologue would have a svelte outward appearance, as is typical for Honda automobiles and sport utility vehicles, as well as the luxurious interior appointments that drivers demand. However, as a consequence of premium cooperation between the two manufacturers, General Motors will be responsible for the production of the platform.

Even though this all-electric SUV won’t be available until the early part of 2024, the helpful sales and service experts here at Prologue Honda can fill you in on what to anticipate from this model. Come on in now to find out more information about the recent advances and to find out how you can book your next electric SUV.

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