2024 Land Rover Discovery: Will There Be A New Discovery? The Land Rover Discovery is still on display in dealerships, but due to the overwhelming popularity of the Land Rover Defender, sales of the Discovery model have been declining recently.

As a result, the Land Rover brand is currently formulating strategies for how the Discovery model will fit into the lineup in the years to come. The new Discovery will be able to fill the void left by the new Range Rover, which has occupied the pinnacle of the Land Rover hierarchy for some time now. The current iteration of the Range Rover is heading even higher upscale.

In the past, families who wanted to buy a vehicle that had a utilitarian design and capabilities but could also be customized with creature comforts such as heated leather seats and high-end infotainment favored the Land Rover Discovery.

However, Land Rover recently announced that it will no longer produce the Discovery. Nevertheless, prospective purchasers of automobiles are now gravitating toward the new Defender, which has resulted in a drop in sales of the seven-seat Discovery.

Land Rover feels that one way it might recapture the sales success of the Discovery brand name is to reposition the model to attract families searching for luxury rather than utilitarianism. This repositioning of the product is known as “repositioning.”

Currently, the smaller Discovery Sport fulfills the entry-level position at the company, but it is not certain whether or not that model will have a future with the brand beyond the present generation. This might give birth to a family of Discovery vehicles.

In order to accomplish this goal, Land Rover intends to build the next iteration of the Discovery on the same chassis as the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. Despite the fact that Land Rover has said in its most recent financial report that it plans to make all of its models available in totally electric form by the end of the decade, we can anticipate the lineup to have a comprehensive selection of combustion engines.

Since it is anticipated that the Range Rover will debut as a completely electric vehicle in 2024, it is possible that the Discovery will be available with a fully electric option right from the start.

The Land Rover Discovery has been given a sleek new appearance as a result of some styling tweaks. The headlights have been made thinner, and the design of the front bumper has been made simpler. However, the Discovery will preserve its off-road capability because to the big tires and wheel arches that it already has.

It seems that Land Rover plans to keep the offset rear number plate that some people found unpleasant on the model that is now in production, despite the fact that aftermarket companies provide an option that is centered on the vehicle. The design cue was initially developed to accommodate the carrying of an extra wheel on older models of the vehicle.

2024 Land Rover Discovery
2024 Land Rover Discovery

What Will The Discovery Sport Look Like and When Is It Coming?

When it comes to the exterior design, we do not anticipate any significant changes between the present model and the one that is scheduled to be released in 2024, which is one year after the launch of the new Evoque.

Since the contentious asymmetrical rear design of the bigger Discovery hasn’t been a great success with customers, it’s more probable that the Sport will just incorporate some influences from the Evoque’s design.

The new design will be easily identifiable by its flush door handles, slim LED headlights, and a smoother, cleaner appearance to the front end, which will most likely include a flush grille panel. These will be the defining characteristics of the new design.

The inside will have more space than before since the EMA platform has a flat floor. Additionally, there will be a bigger touchscreen, digital gauges, and the most recent steering wheel design, which can be found on the Defender.

Optional Range Extender

The electric motors that turn the wheels are the only focus of the EMA platform’s design. The platform can accommodate either a single electric motor, which results in two-wheel drive for entry-level and city-based vehicles, or two electric motors, which results in all-wheel drive traction.

However, here is where things start to get interesting since Autocar says that some Evoque and Disco Sports will be pure BEVs, getting power from a big battery pack located beneath the floor of the vehicle, while others will have a smaller battery plus a range extender gasoline engine.

The little “lean-burn” engine won’t be driving the wheels directly; rather, it will only be utilized to keep the small battery charged up to its maximum capacity. This is a method that Mazda will utilize on the next range-extended variants of the MX-30, and BMW used it on the hybrid versions of the i3 city vehicle.

Automatic For The People

In addition to its electric vehicle powertrains, the EMA platform also has a unique electrical architecture as one of its primary distinguishing characteristics.

Despite the fact that this may sound uninteresting, the possibilities it presents are anything but. Thanks to the new electrical system, both the Evoque and the Discovery Sport will be able to offer over-the-air updates, an in-car payment system, and the capability of autonomous driving up to Level 4.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Interior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Interior

Will It Work Off-Road?

Land Rover started manufacturing front-wheel drive versions of its vehicles ten years ago when the company came to the realization that the majority of its vehicles were never driven farther off-road than parking with two wheels up on the pavement.

However, in order to maintain the credibility of the brand, the future generation of the Disco Sport will need to be capable of providing at the very least the option of significant off-road capability.

And since electric motors can distribute torque to the wheels with more precision than an internal combustion engine (ICE) powerplant and gearbox ever could, the future generation of the Sport should be even more competitive while driving over rugged terrain.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport will make its debut not long after the Range Rover and will ride on the same underpinnings as the Range Rover. The Discovery Sport is a near relative of the Evoque.

It is anticipated that the new chassis, which can support electric powertrains, would result in a significant increase in the amount of space available inside the vehicle, as compared to the previous version.

In addition, the engines that power the Evoque and the Discovery Sport will probably be shared between the two vehicles when the Discovery Sport is released.

New 2024 Land Rover Discovery Set For Luxury Reinvention

The Discovery, Land Rover’s “lost child,” is going to get a significant makeover as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s “Reimagine” campaign. The goal of this plan is to reverse the declining sales that have been partially caused by the launch of Defender.

In an interview with Auto Express, Thierry Bolloré, the CEO of the Discovery brand, said, “We are entirely redesigning Discovery.” We are of the opinion that there is room for it, but we will need to be inventive.

Because Defender is such a huge success, it has taken over some of the areas that formerly belonged to Discovery. Defender is a brand. We feel that Discovery has the potential to become its own brand. We are considering several ways to display our upcoming lineup since this is something we are thinking about.

Sales of the Discovery have been hindered not only by limitations in the supply chain but also by the introduction of the new Defender family, which is now available in three distinct body styles and can accommodate as many as eight people in its 130 configurations, as well as the new Range Rover, which is also now offered in a seven-seater configuration.

According to Bolloré, “The Range Rover with a third row may serve that function; but, it does not have the same spirit as Discovery.” “So if you take into account the zone that is strong for Range Rover and strong for Defender, the question becomes: how can we develop a territory that is strong for Discovery as well?”

“We need to develop a true family vehicle that can appeal to families with high standards.” Discovery has to play this role, and it should, because if it doesn’t, it has the potential to be eliminated from the market entirely, at least in the premium class. That automobile will be the Land Rover Discovery.”

A shift upwards for the Discovery would take it away from the Defender on price and give it a look that is less utilitarian and more upscale, and it would fit well with the vision that JLR has for its brands of modern luxury.’ The fact that you are occupying very specialized places is what makes owning the Defender and Discovery brands so interesting, according to Bolloré.

Our exclusive images show what a new and more luxurious Discovery could look like. It would refine the styling of the current car by making use of the most recent engineering techniques to give it a much sleeker look.

This is something that JLR Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern and his team have successfully done with the most recent Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. You may anticipate the usage of flush glass, ultra-thin high-tech LED lighting, and door handles that jump out from the wall.

It is too early to say whether a new Discovery would lose the controversial offset rear number plate. However, insiders suggest that McGovern would stick to his guns and keep it, despite the fact that some customers are modifying their own cars with aftermarket central plate set-ups. This is because the offset rear number plate is considered to be a safety hazard.

Inside, there will probably be a noticeable improvement in both quality and technology, with the most recent Pivi Pro infotainment system and over-the-air software upgrades. Additionally, environmentally friendly materials will play a significant role in the design of the interior.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Exterior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Exterior

How Much Will It Cost?

Current pricing for the Land Rover Discovery Sport begins at $37,800 in the United States and £32,430 in the United Kingdom.

Do not be shocked, however, if those prices considerably increase when both the Evoque and the Discovery Sport go upmarket. JLR’s new emphasis on profit over volume, combined with the high technological content of the EMA vehicles, will contribute to this.

The goal of moving the Discovery upmarket with a target audience of ‘discerning families’ would likely involve an increase in price from the current model’s entry price of £57,225, which is now the lowest price point.

If they wish to stick with the brand, customers of the current Discovery model will be forced to choose between paying a higher price for the vehicle or looking at other options within the lineup of vehicles offered by the manufacturer.

The market for premium family SUVs is already very competitive, as shown by the presence of well-established competitors such as the Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, and Audi Q7. If Land Rover is going to succeed in persuading the owners of other brands’ vehicles to visit their showrooms, the 2024 model will have to be impressive almost immediately.