2024 Mazda CX90: Next-Gen Redesign & Release Date – Since the introduction of the CX-50 earlier this year, Mazda has been keeping a low profile and has not introduced any new products for the market in the United States. On the other hand, you might say that this is quiet before the storm.

The automaker is getting ready to launch a slew of new sport utility vehicles, the most sizeable of which will be the all-new Mazda CX-90.

What exactly does “CX-90” stand for? We are delighted that you have inquired about this matter. We are going to tell you all that we know about it since it is expected to be Mazda’s new flagship SUV, and we are going to tell you about it right now.

The next Mazda CX-90 three-row crossover vehicle has finally been seen on camera, courtesy of the espionage photographers working for C&D. The CX-90 will be accompanied by a smaller version of itself, the CX-70, as part of the brand’s new range of luxury automobiles, and it will ultimately take the place of the CX-9.

These two models will only be available in North America, while the rest of the globe will have access to the CX-60, which is now on sale, and the CX-80, which will be released in the near future.

When Mazda USA issued an official declaration regarding this new lineup the last time, they stated that both cars will make their appearance and go on sale by the year 2024. The fact that the vehicle shown in these photographs is still obviously an early test mule suggests that the timeframe may have been adjusted somewhat in this regard.

It has the body of the CX-60, but it also has an extension that was grafted onto the back end so that it is the same length as the production car. At this stage, it is impossible to predict if Mazda will give it a design that is distinct from the CX-60 or whether it will just wind up appearing like a larger and wider version of the CX-60.

2024 Mazda CX90
2024 Mazda CX90

2024 Mazda CX-90: New Size Class

On the CX-90, you may anticipate seeing a new design language that is more sophisticated. One that combines the aesthetics of the CX-60, which is not going to be sold in the United States (seen above), with the dimensions of the CX-9, which is Mazda’s current flagship SUV (pictured below).

The cabin will have materials that appear and feel more luxury, and there will undoubtedly be a slew of new technological features offered with the CX-90 in order to compete with the feature-rich offers that Kia and Hyundai have to offer. We can only hope that Mazda will not lose the “zoom-zoom” feeling that gives so many of its vehicles such a blast behind the wheel.

The CX-90 will go up against competitors like as the Kia Telluride, the Hyundai Palisade, the Honda Pilot, and the Subaru Ascent when it eventually comes on our shores in the autumn of next year.

However, the CX-90 will also be up against more luxury rivals like as the Infiniti QX60 and the Acura MDX. These vehicles will be in its sights. Mazda has been aiming for the more upscale segment of the market for some time now, and the CX-90 represents the company’s attempt to get into the big leagues.

It will be a three-row crossover SUV, and the third row, which we anticipate will be more useable than the one found in the CX-9, will be one of the largest selling features of the vehicle.

It will also have greater room inside compared to the CX-9, and perhaps it will have a larger capacity for carrying freight as well. We do not know at this time if the CX-9 will be marketed in addition to or in substitute of the CX-90 on the market.


A bigger and more luxury three-row SUV from Mazda is coming into focus as the 2024 CX-90. This vehicle is anticipated to launch a new turbocharged inline-six engine as well as a spacious and opulent interior.

We were won over by the agile handling and gorgeous design of the current generation of Mazda’s CX-9 crossover, and we have high hopes that these attributes will carry over to the CX-90. The fact that Mazda aspires to be a premium brand leads us to expect that its flagship SUV, which will have three rows and seven seats, will provide a higher level of luxury equipment than the company’s other SUV offerings provide.

There is a good chance that all-wheel drive will come standard across the board, and a plug-in hybrid drivetrain might be an available option. The all-new longitudinal-engine architecture that the CX-90 is based on is anticipated to also give birth to a two-row SUV that will be referred to as the CX-70.

It is anticipated that the CX-70 will go on sale not long after the CX-90. Late in 2022 is when we anticipate seeing these new Mazdas make their public appearance, and we anticipate sales to begin early in 2024.

2024 Mazda CX90 Interior
2024 Mazda CX90 Interior

What’s New for 2024?

When manufacturing of the CX-90 begins for the Mazda brand in the latter half of the year 2022, it will usher in a new moniker for the company. It is not clear at this time if the CX-90 will take the place of the CX-9 in Mazda’s range or whether it will be made available concurrently with the smaller three-row vehicle in the future.


A new generation of Mazda powertrains will make its debut in the CX-90. Those cars with turbocharged four-cylinder engines and six-speed gearboxes are a thing of the past. Mazda is planning to release a whole new engine configuration consisting of a turbocharged inline six-cylinder configuration that produces somewhere in the vicinity of 300 horsepower.

In addition, we anticipate that a plug-in hybrid version of the CX-90 will use the same engine but provide an even higher peak power output. You would be absolutely correct in associating a BMW with the sound of a turbocharged inline-six engine. This is an area in which Mazda is truly going for broke.

When it goes on sale, the CX-90 should be the first Mazda to use a brand-new turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine. This engine is anticipated to be supplemented with a 48-volt hybrid powertrain.

This kind of engine is a signature feature of luxury sport utility vehicles (SUVs) like the BMW X5 and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport; its inclusion in Mazda vehicles is a statement that the company wants to position itself even farther toward the high end of the market.

A plug-in hybrid version is also possible, and it is possible that it will employ the same powertrain that gives the CX-60 SUV sold in Europe its 323 horsepower. That powertrain consists of an inline four-cylinder engine, an electric motor, and a battery pack that is 17.8 kWh in capacity. We anticipate that the CX-90, much like the rest of Mazda’s portfolio of SUVs, will come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard.

2024 Mazda CX90 Exterior
2024 Mazda CX90 Exterior

Release Date and Price

Due to the more premium positioning that the CX-90 will have in the market, we anticipate that the basic model of the SUV will begin somewhere around $40,000. We anticipate that the cuts will gradually approach the high $50,000 range during the next few years.

The CX-90 will be expensive, but if Mazda is able to combine more niceties, a more formidable engine, and the fun-to-drive attitude that we’ve liked from most of its vehicles, then it will be a package that is difficult to outdo in terms of value for money.