2024 Mini Countryman: What We Know So Far – It was recently discovered that MINI is hard at work on an all-new, third-generation version of the Countryman, and its release is anticipated for the year 2023. Camouflage is covering pretty much every inch of the bodywork, but it can’t disguise the fact that the new model will have greater external dimensions than its predecessor. The new model, like its predecessor, will be a sister to the BMW X1.

It is clear from the snooping photographs that the next MINI Countryman will maintain the distinctive greenhouse design with the floating roof that makes MINI vehicles so easily identifiable.

On the other hand, compared to its predecessor, it seems to be longer, with speculations estimating a length increase of around 200 millimeters (7.5 inches). The longer body will result in a more roomy interior with more ample rear passenger legroom and baggage space. This will be the case because of the increased length.

The new model seems to have styling that is an extension of the present model, with headlights and grille designs that have comparable shapes. The surface treatment seems to be very standard as well, lacking the highly carved characteristics that are present in other manufacturers. The extended taillights are the distinguishing feature, however it is possible that these images are only mockups given how far off the manufacturing date still is.

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer was the vehicle that marked the introduction of the BMW FAAR platform, which will also serve as the foundation for the next generations of the X1 and X2 automobiles. This platform will also serve as the basis for the MINI Countryman, which will be built on it.

This platform can support internal combustion engine, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and battery electric vehicle powertrains. As a result, the MINI lineup will now include an all-electric version of the Countryman for the very first time, joining the gas- and diesel-powered iterations already available.

The 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine that will be included in the future BMW X1 M35i xDrive might be adapted for use in a performance-oriented JCW.

2024 Mini Countryman
2024 Mini Countryman

2024 MINI Countryman Spotted with Bold New Design

We have just just heard that the forthcoming 2024 MINI Countryman PHEV will produce around 322 horsepower. This will make it the most powerful MINI product that has ever been created, even more so than the JCW GP. The forthcoming design of the 2024 Countryman, which has been captured in recent covert photographs, reveals a number of strikingly original alterations.

To begin, the MINI Countryman from 2024 won’t be as compact as previous generations. Not only does it have the greatest power of any MINI ever made, but it also has the biggest interior space. It will be constructed on the same revolutionary front-wheel drive architecture as the incoming BMW X1 as well as the new 2 Series Active Tourer, and this is already seen in the design of the vehicle.

These pictures clearly show that there is a significant gap between the C-pillar and the D-pillar, which draws attention to the vehicle’s overall length.

In addition to this, it receives several fascinating new design aspects. For example, it seems to have brand-new quad exhausts, which leads us to suspect that it’s a John Cooper Works version in some capacity. One of the cars in the spy photographs has quad exhausts, while the other has none at all.

However, none of the models has any badges that say “Hybrid Test Vehicle” or “Electric Test Vehicle,” indicating that they are likely to be standard versions of the Countryman. Additionally, they feature flush door handles, which are reminiscent of BMW’s most recent 2 Series Active Tourer. It would seem that MINI has borrowed this design element from BMW.

2024 MINI Countryman Confirmed

The availability of both electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) variants of the Countryman’s replacement was something that MINI confirmed yesterday.

Spy photographers from today were able to snap a sportier version of the SUV when it was driving on Munich’s public roads. It seemed to be clad in camouflage and had characteristics that are consistent with the Countryman S.

2024 Mini Countryman Interior
2024 Mini Countryman Interior

2024 MINI Countryman Rumors

A more compact version of the premium compact sector was seen driving on the open road a week ago, which marked the covert premiere of the 2024 MINI Countryman. It showed a greater footprint than expected. A claimed increase in length of 200 millimeters (7.5 inches) will result in a bigger cabin and more functionality.

The most recent prototype demonstrates very clearly that the concept is one that is focused on performance since it is capable of doing all of the rapid bites. The camouflage pattern gives the impression that the bumper on the front of the vehicle has larger intakes than normal.

In addition to that, it sports bigger wheels that are outfitted with Pirelli P Zero tires. Brakes of a more robust design are hidden behind the bone rims with double spokes that are located behind the rear axle.


The fact that this prototype has four separate exhaust outlets is without a doubt the most notable aspect about it. They have not before been seen on any Countryman. The BMW Group is the only carmaker that does not use simulated exhaust systems in its vehicles.

This is made abundantly clear by the MINI Countryman S 2024. On the other hand, this prototype has a greater distance above the ground. Due to the fact that their platforms are identical, the BMW X1 and the MINI Countryman will be like brothers to one another.

An improved version of the FAAR platform, which was first debuted in the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, will be available for use in the third-generation MINI Countryman. This platform was developed by BMW. MINI has stated that it would be releasing versions powered by gasoline and diesel, in addition to an electric version of the vehicle.

In comparison to the standard Countryman, the Countryman S and JCW will use a more powerful and efficient variant of the TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine, as well as a sportier suspension and distinguishing exterior modifications.

The current generation of the MINI Countryman S is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that is capable of generating 189 horsepower (141 kW/192 PS), while the Countryman JCW ALL4 is able to generate 301 horsepower (224 kW/305 PS).

Mini EV Prototypes Head to a Really Cold Place

When it comes to putting their brand-new electric vehicles through their paces, Mini Cooper has developed an innovative method. The corporation has brought these cars to an unexpected area in order to evaluate how well they perform in adverse weather conditions.

Where would you go for a test drive with your electric vehicle if you were interested in determining whether or not it could withstand the cold? Minnesota? Toronto? The Arctic Circle is the correct response if you’re a Mini Cooper, if you’re to believe MotorTrend.

The testing that Mini is putting its new electric vehicles through has been described as “torture testing” by MotorTrend. To be fair, it’s quite improbable that any Mini purchasers would ever find themselves in the position of having to drive in temperatures comparable to those seen inside the Arctic Circle.

But it is heartening to know that if these electric vehicle batteries can resist temperatures as severe as those, it is probable that they will not fail when subjected to the ordinary low temperatures that most of us experience throughout the winter.

2024 Mini Countryman Exterior
2024 Mini Countryman Exterior

What Does The New Mini EV Lineup Have In Store?

The all-electric version of the fifth-generation Mini, which is scheduled to be delivered in 2024, will signal the beginning of the company’s shift away from cars powered by fossil fuels.

Naturally, this won’t be Mini’s first attempt at manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs). The company’s Mini Cooper SE is likewise an electric vehicle and has been available to consumers for a number of years at this point.

The Head of the MINI brand, Stefanie Wurst, was asked about her thoughts on the future of Mini EVs, and she responded by saying that the “iconic Mini 3-door maximizes the experience for our customers through its electrified go-kart feeling combined with digitalized touchpoints — and a clear focus on sustainability with a minimal environmental footprint.”

Some Redesign Highlights At A Glance

All of this testing and redesigning is a part of Mini’s long-term goal to transition to an all-electric lineup by the year 2030. This plan calls on the company to do all of this work. In point of fact, the corporation forecasts that electric vehicles will account for fifty percent of all of its sales as early as 2027, which is just five years from now.

So, what exactly does the makeover of the Mini influenced by EVs entail? To begin, in order to maintain the classic appearance of Mini vehicles, the next-generation electric car will continue to have three doors. On the other hand, the new hatchback platform is anticipated to deliver more interior volume as well as greater adaptability in comparison to previous generations of Minis.

According to Motor Authority, which managed to get its hands on some closely guarded information about the upcoming vehicles, one significant area that will be redesigned for the next-generation electric Mini is the tailgate. The new version of the tailgate will come with sharp angular cutouts to frame the taillights.

A great amount of work seems to have been done on the inside of the new Mini, as shown by the fact that the instrument cluster and the information and entertainment center are now combined into a single panel. In addition, Mini has hinted that the current hardtop’s separate gauge cluster and circular center display may be replaced with a digital dashboard in the next-generation model.

When it comes to manufacturing, the electric hardtop version of the Mini will be built on a specific platform for electric vehicles that will be created by the BMW Group in collaboration with the Chinese business Great Wall Motors.