2024 RAM 3500: When Can You Order a New Ram 3500? It is a good idea to start thinking about what to anticipate now that fresh spy photographs of what seems to be a redesigned 2024 Ram 2500/3500 HD truck have just been published on the internet. New engines? Transmissions? This is what we currently know.

The most recent iteration of the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 HD pickup trucks was shown off to the public in the year 2019. Remember what life was like before the Covid-19 came along? People’s attention was especially drawn to the newly redesigned inside as well as the outside aesthetics of this new Ram HD, which was the first pickup truck to surpass the 1,000 pound-feet of torque barrier.

Over the course of the past few years, Ram has made some relatively insignificant modifications to its product lineup. These changes include the introduction of special editions, enhancements to the renowned Power Wagon, and an increase in the truck’s maximum towing capacity to more than 37,000 pounds.

Nevertheless, given that the pickup truck is about to enter its fourth year on the market, it is time for a major refresh in accordance with the seven-year launch cycle with a mid-cycle refresh positioned in the center of the cycle.

Ram’s 3500 HD truck line has not been refreshed for quite some time since the last time Ram did it. The last time there was a significant update to the 3500 was two years ago, and it seems that the manufacturer is planning to give it a facelift for the next model year.

Our informants have reported seeing the 2024 Ram 3500 HD in its Dually configuration undergoing testing for the very first time. The fact that the prototype only hides a few components might be interpreted to mean that we should anticipate the bulky three-box transporter to have only minor revisions. Later on in 2018, a redesigned version of the 3500 will be on sale.

2024 RAM 3500
2024 RAM 3500

Exterior Redesign

According to the information at hand, the new 2024 Ram 3500 HD will include some subtle aesthetic enhancements. In spite of the many rumors and predictions, the most credible sources indicate that the makeover will not take place.

On the other hand, the Ram 3500 HD has a highly contemporary appearance, so there won’t be any problems with this. We think the styling is just spot on. The Ram 3500 is, of course, derived from the RAM 1500, which is a variation of a smaller truck.

On the other hand, this heavy-duty variant has a more hostile appearance in terms of its design. The manufacturer plans to make adjustments to the air suspension, which ought to result in an enhanced riding experience. It is possible that there will be new colors on the outside, in addition to new wheels and tires.

Interior Upgrades

The next Ram 3500 HD in 2024 will continue to have an incredible interior design along with a high degree of comfort. This type is in direct competition with heavy-duty trucks manufactured by Chevrolet and Ford, however the interior design offered by Ram is superior. Even in the most basic trim level, the new Ram 3500 need to bring a greater number of quality materials.

In addition, the higher trim levels will benefit significantly from new upholstery and other upgrades. In general, this model offers high-quality materials and a substantial infotainment touchscreen that measures 12 inches. As in the past, the Ram 3500 is offered with a wide variety of cab configurations as well as many optional technology packages.

2024 RAM 3500 Interior
2024 RAM 3500 Interior

New Powertrains?

Where do we stand with the engines and transmissions? For a very long time, there has been a speculation that Ram HD vehicles will eventually have an Allison gearbox like the one that GM employs on its HD trucks. There is undoubtedly still a chance of it happening. Despite this, Ram maintains a working partnership with ZF and equips its whole range with gearboxes manufactured by ZF.

However, there are presently aftermarket solutions available for combining a Cummins diesel engine with an Allison gearbox, and it will be fascinating to see which route Ram chooses to go with the updated vehicle. Do they simply ignore it completely? Should they make the adjustment now, or should they wait until, say, 2027, when the next generation of Ram trucks will be released? My expectation is that they will wait until the following generation before making a significant modification like they did with the Allison, although Ram is rather proactive when it comes to making adjustments.

The inclusion of a hydrogen powertrain as an option for future Ram HD trucks is another another intriguing item of information. A hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck was mentioned as part of the Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 presentation. This presentation also included a discussion of the Ram 1500 battery-electric truck.

Concerns around hauling capacities and recharge durations are limiting the enthusiasm among most truck enthusiasts to a minimum, despite the fact that battery-electric trucks are only beginning to roll out to customers. To put it another way, these battery electric trucks just aren’t capable of getting the job done nearly as successfully as they would be if they were powered by an internal combustion engine. Nevertheless, hydrogen presents an intriguing option.

You get the clean air advantages of having no tailpipe emissions with a fuel cell, as I experienced with Toyota’s hydrogen semi, in addition to getting a fuelling time that is comparable to that of a diesel engine. Additionally, you receive all of the additional torque that is given by the electric motors, which enables you to get off the line more smoothly and haul more readily over hills. The absence of necessary infrastructure in the United States has been the primary obstacle on the path of hydrogen’s development.

Even if a hydrogen-powered Ram 2500/3500 HD is not anticipated to be introduced for the 2024 model year, this fact does raise the question of whether or not Ram will bother to improve its internal-combustion engines in the face of the impending introduction of an entirely new hydrogen powerplant.

A great number of businesses have already made the announcement that they would no longer work to improve internal combustion engines and will instead direct their attention to the development of battery technology. Would it be possible for Stellantis, the worldwide parent company of Ram, to do the same thing? It is possible given the worldwide pollution limits that are driving them toward this destiny.

Alterations to Your Look?

And last, what about the other matters, such as the styling? You can anticipate that Ram will give a new front-end design with distinct grilles and lighting, in addition to making some small adjustments to the inside, just like the majority of other companies.

As time goes on, you can also anticipate that some limited-edition models will be taken off the market, only to be brought back on the market in subsequent years in an effort to maintain consumer interest in HD vehicles. Also, the higher trim levels of the trucks will likely become considerably finer, while the work truck vehicles will likely remain substantially unaltered.

2024 Ram 3500 Dually Spotted With New Hood And Mirrors

It would seem that the Ram division’s primary objective is to maintain the relevance of its core range in light of the fact that sales of full-size vans and pickup trucks continue to be quite profitable for every brand and manufacturer that produces commercial vehicles.

As was just just detailed by Ford Authority, the 2024 Ram ProMaster van model range is scheduled to undergo a plethora of improvements before the end of this year. And now, prior to an official reveal, it appears that the Ram 3500 will also get some new additions, as our photographers spotted a sparsely camouflaged example running around with what appear to be a new hood and some new side mirrors. These photos were taken before the Ram 3500 was officially unveiled.

The 2024 Ram 3500 dually that was seen on camera by our team of photographers is certainly sporting a new or updated hood, judging by the distinctive wrap, in addition to a new pair of mirrors, which are wrapped in fabric that is black in color. In addition to that, it seems as if this specific truck is a Night Edition model.

This package has a variety of equipment, some of which is black, such as the external badging, the headlamp bezels, the grille, the tow hooks, the black wheel center hubs, and the unique trailer-tow mirrors.

This potential refresh for the 2024 Ram arrives after the 2024 model year already received some significant updates of its own, including the all-new Uconnect 5 infotainment system and a new Trailer 360 View mode that provides owners with a bird’s eye view and a view of a connected trailer in 360 degrees.

Due to the fact that this Ram dually was equipped with a 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel, it was capable of producing a minimum of 370 horsepower and 850 pound-feet of torque if it was the regular output type, or 420 horsepower and 1,075 pound-feet of torque if it had the high output configuration.

2024 RAM 3500 Exterior
2024 RAM 3500 Exterior

2024 Ram 3500 HD Diesel

The impending 2024 Ram 3500 HD, which will be available for purchase later in the following year, has undergone more refinement in preparation for its release.

The Allison gearbox is, without a doubt, the most notable feature of the 2024MY model year’s lineup. Aside from that, we expect a wide range of improvements, such as modernized aesthetics and an increase in the amount of electronic conveniences that will be accessible inside the cabin.

Regarding the functionality, we do not foresee any major upgrades in the future. The Allison gearbox will, without a doubt, make for a more comfortable ride in general, but there will be no discernible change in terms of power. The second half of 2024 will see Ram unveil its high-definition product portfolio; the following is all you need to know about it.

2024 Ram 3500 HD Price, Release Date

The new 2024 Ram 3500 HD will begin at about $36,000 in pricing when it is released. It will cost you up to $40,000 more if you want the diesel engine that is an available option. Later on in the following year, most likely at the end of the summer of 2024, the sales will get underway.