2024 Tesla Model S: Is Tesla Getting Rid Of Model S? Tesla’s all-electric sedan is going to turn ten years old in June (granted, it would have been even older if it weren’t for the company’s classic policy of delaying releases, something it has apparently been doing since day one), and despite the fact that it’s had two so-called facelifts along the way, you can still clearly see the 2012 design when you look at it. The company’s classic policy of delaying releases has apparently been something it’s been doing since day one.

I suppose that its saving grace is that it has had a very solid design from the beginning – is this what people usually mean when they say something is “timeless”? – … the two revisions that it has gotten, even if they have been subtle, have done their job, but at some point, it will stop being about how out of date the vehicle looks and instead move to “give us something new even if the existing model is still relevant enough.”

2024 Tesla Model S
2024 Tesla Model S


If you question folks on opposite sides of the Tesla fan barrier, you could receive different views; nonetheless, we can all agree that allowing a car to rot on the market for more than 10 years is borderline lazy, even if it happens to be the fastest production vehicle that one can purchase.

People will tell you that they don’t care what the automobile looks like as long as it can get them to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds. However, what these individuals fail to grasp is that they could (and should) have that in addition to a nice, innovative design by now.

Aside from doing it right the first time, there is another reason why Tesla is sticking with the existing S model, and that is because the market has not provided any genuine response to the company’s announcement.

Because the other companies have apparently been unable to improve their products for such a significant amount of time, the S only needed to make some minor adjustments in order to maintain its position as the industry leader. Normally, that is what motivates a manufacturer to develop something that is superior and more appealing.

Now, the Lucid Air is threatening to get dangerously close (and even beat the Tesla for the all-important maximum range), and despite the fact that aesthetics are, by necessity, subjective, there is no doubt that the newcomer is a good-looking automobile. Some people would argue that it has a better appearance than the Model S.

Does this imply that we should be anticipating a move from Tesla in the near future? The corporation doesn’t always play by the rules, and given that the most recent upgrade was released just a year ago, I don’t think there will be any significant new features added to the Model S in the near future.

In addition, Tesla has three cars that they ought to have brought to market by now but have not done so yet: the Roadster, the Cybertruck, and the Semi. Because of this, the possible introduction of a new Model S will have to be delayed.

To keep the Model S relevant during a time when the company’s more affordable options were starting to dip their fingers in the larger sedan’s sales pie, it was a very clever move to give this aging model a record-beating powertrain.

Say what you want about Tesla and Elon Musk, but it was a very clever move to give this aging model a record-beating powertrain. The Plaid is a significant contributor to what is keeping the S alive, and it may be necessary for it to do so for a few more years in the future.

2024 Tesla Model S Interior
2024 Tesla Model S Interior


However, in order for Tesla to compete with Lucid’s Air, the Model S would need to undergo some kind of transformation into something that is somewhat more luxurious. Certainly, we can’t have a conversation about luxury without bringing up the evident quality problems that have been connected with Tesla over the years.

A sexier interior with nicer materials would be nothing more than putting some cosmetics on a pig if there were nothing more to alter there. However, there is more to making a vehicle seem like a limousine than simply high-quality leather and genuine wood trim.

When we speak about the Lucid Air, we’re talking about its size, its ride quality, and, just as essential, the tiny touches that make the difference, like as its motorized frunk and its soft-close doors.

However, the scale of the vehicle is instantly visible, and this submission by Georgian designer Giorgi Tedoradze appears to miss the chance to capitalize on that. OK, so you can’t really see the latter two in a design sketch, but the size of the vehicle is readily apparent.

His envisioned Tesla Model S for the year 2024 (which also makes it optimistic) does not seem to be any larger than the one that is now available, at least not in the areas that count. Even while the Lucid has a much larger trunk than the S model, this does not imply that the newly designed Tesla should have a longer hood.

The whole concept behind electric vehicles is that the passenger compartment can be moved forward, which, depending on the driver’s desired outcome, may either enhance the amount of room available within the car or simply make it more compact. Assuming that simulating the experience of riding in a limousine is the desired outcome, the first of those options is an excellent one.

If Tesla decided to ignore the path chosen by Lucid for the Air and continue using the Model S as its halo car (and if the new Roadster doesn’t come to fruition, that may very well be the case), then maintaining the same proportions – as per Giorgi’s rendering – would make a lot of sense. This would be the case even if the new Roadster didn’t come to fruition.

Even if the focus were to stay on performance, we have our doubts that Elon Musk’s firm would ever authorize a frontal design like that. After the manufacturer cleaned up that part of the vehicle in 2016, the addition of that strip that runs the whole breadth of the front end of the vehicle seems like a step backward.

Yes, it is a light strip that is very cool with contemporary cars (including Lucid Air), but would Tesla really play by the laws of anybody else? “No” is the logical response to this question.

The thirteen little LEDs that are placed just below the license plate have had to be the single most absurd aspect of this design. I don’t know whether it was done on purpose, but they remind me of the shark lips that are painted on fighter planes.

However, rather than giving the impression that they are aggressive, it gives the impression that they are childlike. But let’s not forget that Tesla has a “fart mode,” so if there’s any firm out there that could come up with shark moth nose art, it would had to be Tesla.

2024 Tesla Model S Exterior
2024 Tesla Model S Exterior

2024 Tesla Model S Release Date

2024 A hatchback version of Tesla’s Model S has been reported for the American market. The Tesla Model S is propelled by a tremendous electric motor that generates 670 horsepower. It is an automatic gearbox with a single speed, and it features all-wheel drive. The information that is shown on this page is not official in any way; nevertheless, following the official launch, this website will be updated with the official specifications, features, and price of the Tesla Model S in the USA.

The Tesla Model S is not projected to be on sale in the United States until December 2023, and its price is anticipated to range between $110,600 and $150,600 worldwide.