2024 Toyota 4runner: Will 4runner Be Redesigned In 2024? Do not let the speculation of an all-new 2024 Toyota 4Runner, which may be released later this year, deter you from purchasing a brand-new Toyota 4Runner if you are really considering making such a purchase.

If you choose to wait for the official details of the all-new sixth-generation Toyota 4Runner to break cover before making a decision on whether to purchase the current model or wait for the new one, you run the risk of missing out in many different ways.

When exactly will the new model of the Toyota 4Runner be available to consumers? What exactly can we expect from it? This upgrade to the SUV has been eagerly awaited. This is all that we know and everything that we don’t know at this point.

Before we go any further into the upcoming iteration of the 4Runner, let’s take a step back and examine the other new models that Toyota will be releasing within the next few months. The completely redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra is now available for purchase.

The new Tundra hybrid will be available for purchase very soon. Later on in 2018, consumers will be able to purchase the all-new hybrid version of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Both of them make use of the brand new platform and methodology offered by TNGA-F, which is frame-based.

According to all of the speculations and unconfirmed reports that we have heard up to this point, the next-generation Toyota Tacoma and the 4Runner will both use this same platform, but on a scale that is more appropriate for “midsize” vehicles.

It would seem that the next-generation Toyota Tacoma will be the next model to hit the market, potentially in the year 2023. Take a look at the Tacoma prototypes that we found out in the wild not too long ago (the video is below).

Because of this, the next-generation 4Runner will likely get a makeover following the introduction of the new Tacoma. In other words, the completely redesigned model of the Toyota 4Runner is most certainly going to be released in 2024.

2024 Toyota 4runner
2024 Toyota 4runner

What We Know So Far About The All-New 2024 Toyota 4runner

Even though Toyota has been pretty tight-lipped about an all-new version of the 4Runner, there will almost certainly be an all-new, sixth-generation model for the 2024 model year that could leave the factory later this year or early the following year. Even though Toyota has been pretty tight-lipped about an all-new version of the 4Runner, there will almost certainly be an all-new model for the 2024 model year.

I have no problem comprehending why a person who is potentially on the verge of purchasing a 2022 or 2023 Toyota 4Runner could be apprehensive about the characteristics of an all-new vehicle that will be released in the future.

There is a possibility that you are concerned about the impact that it will have on the ultimate resale value of your 2022 model. When there is a brand-new and glistening option available, it is possible that you may feel as if you have been stuck with an outdated model.

It’s possible that you’ll conclude that the new model is an improvement over the one you just purchased. I have answers to all of those questions and more, but before we get into that, let’s examine what we already know about the all-new Toyota 4Runner for 2024.

We already have a brand new 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup truck that is equipped with the newest standard safety and convenience features, an optional hybrid engine, five different suspension choices including rear coil springs, a maximum towing capability of 12,000 pounds, and more. In addition to this, a large number of photographs of the all-new edition of the Sequoia SUV have been made available to us.

Since the Tundra and Sequoia share a platform that will also be utilized for the next generation of the 4Runner, it is very probable that the sixth-generation 4Runner will debut as a 2024 model, most likely in the early part of 2023. Because it will be built on a totally different platform, the next-generation 4Runner will not be identical to the present model in any way.

If the new Tundra and Sequoia are any indication, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner will most likely have a more rugged and squared-off appearance, and it will look a lot like the Tundra and Sequoia! There will very certainly also be a hybrid engine option, but this is not something that can be said with absolute certainty.

The next-generation Toyota 4Runner, which will be on sale in 2024, will have an appearance that is noticeably more up-to-date than the present model. And by that, I mean on-road rather than off-road since the current generation of the Toyota 4Runner is really competent when the pavement ends. If you are driving, it is a very inconvenient thing to do.

There is a good chance that the new 4Runner will have an increased towing capability, and the cabin will almost certainly be more current and comfortable. There will be a major increase in the level of safety technology included in the 2022 and 2023 models of the 4Runner, so there will be a lot to look forward to if you hold out for the next model.

Why You Could Be In For A Long Wait

In the present environment, it is a bit of a fool’s game to put off buying a new car in order to wait for the release of a new model before the new model has even been announced. If you put off purchasing a C7 Corvette a few years back when it was still in production so that you could hold off until the new C8 model was out, how is that working out for you?

It is difficult to predict when things will start to improve for the automotive industry as a whole since they are now battling to keep up with demand all around the world. The lack of microchips is still a concern, and many manufacturers are still stumbling their way through the process of catching up with new vehicle orders left over from 2021.

Let’s imagine that you have made up your mind to hold off till the all-new 2024 Toyota 4Runner is officially unveiled. First, some high-quality official photographs and maybe one or two enticing pieces of information will be made public.

There is even the possibility of making an appearance at one of the more important car shows. After that, there will be press days for the new 4Runner, during which journalists will be allowed to take it for a spin, and at that point, the order book will be opened.

If you want to hold off on purchasing a new 4Runner until you get the opportunity to put it through its paces for yourself, which is an entirely reasonable request, you may be waiting until far into 2023. By that time, a significant number of other individuals will have already taken the initiative and made advanced orders before you. If an all-new 4Runner goes that path, it is possible that your order won’t arrive until the latter half of 2024.

2024 Toyota 4runner Interior
2024 Toyota 4runner Interior

The 2022 4runner Is That Model At Its Best

Since the manufacture of the current generation of the 4Runner began in 2009, it is safe to assume that Toyota has developed considerable expertise in the construction of these vehicles. It may have an older design with an equally older engine, but it has been tried and tested, and any flaws or kinks that may have existed in the past have been smoothed out for the most part.

How confident are you in the probable dependability of the brand-new 2024 Toyota 4Runner, which will be brand-new and will have an immensely higher level of technology than the type that is now available? Would you feel the same way about an all-new model if it were to take you into and out of the wilderness? A model from 2022 or 2023 would be my first choice.

I am aware that it will have been put through tens of thousands of hours of testing before it is released to the public, but placing a new car in the hands of regular consumers is the best way to learn about its performance.

I would like to draw your attention once again to the Chevrolet C8 Corvette as well as the brand-new Land Rover Defender. Both of these automobiles are outstanding, and as a result, they are quite valuable and in great demand. On the other hand, you could be better off purchasing two of each one, so that you always have a vehicle to use even if the other one is being repaired under warranty at the dealership.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Design

As was just said, the present generation has been around for far too long, which is a strong indication that the subsequent generation is going to usher in a great deal of significant change. Naturally, thinking about the platform is one of the very first things that comes to mind.

This model, along with the rest of Toyota’s BoF portfolio, will eventually transition to the new TNGA-F platform, which will bring with it a number of advantages in a variety of areas.

We anticipate significant improvements in ride quality from the new model as a result of its lower center of gravity, updated suspension, and revised chassis configuration, in addition to the new model’s smaller weight and increased fuel efficiency.

On the other hand, off-road performance will either stay the same as it is now or even improve. RWD configurations will, of course, be standard on the basic models; but, there will be a wide variety of upgrade options available, beginning with four-wheel drive, two-speed transfer cases, locking differentials, upgraded suspension, and so on.


When it comes to the external design, we anticipate seeing a totally new aesthetic. We hope to see it soon. Because the aesthetics of the old model haven’t been updated much in the last decade or so, there is little question that the new model will have a very different appearance overall.

Both the new Land Cruiser LC300 and the new Toyota Tundra and Sequoia are likely to serve as sources of creativity for the front end of this vehicle. The exterior design of the 2024 Toyota 4Runner will be more daring and forceful, more contemporary, and more alluring.

The same holds true for the remainder of the body, despite the fact that we do not anticipate seeing major changes in terms of dimensions. Because Toyota engineers do not want to limit the off-road capability of the car, the overhangs and wheelbase will stay relatively unchanged.

2024 Toyota 4runner Exterior
2024 Toyota 4runner Exterior


When we take into consideration how old the model is, it is not surprising to find that the interior layout is one of the generation’s most problematic aspects. As a result, we anticipate the new model to bring about significant advancements.

Naturally, the very first item that comes to mind is the new dashboard, which need to include a more appealing appearance in addition to finer materials and a higher level of construction quality.

In addition, we anticipate a large number of new technological elements, such as an updated infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, additional safety and convenience functions, and so on.