2024 Toyota Tacoma: Will The Tacoma Be Redesigned? We may be gazing a little too far into the future, but the Toyota Tacoma will have some intriguing new features for the model year 2024. Even though the 2023 model is still a really fun vehicle to drive, we anticipate that in 2024 there will be three distinct iterations of the Tacoma midsize pickup truck.

The Toyota Tacoma will enter a new generation beginning with the 2024 model year, at which point there should be three distinct variants of this pickup truck.

There is a possibility that in addition to the conventional gasoline model, there will also be a hybrid engine and the much-anticipated Toyota Tacoma Electric. This pickup truck is going to get not just new powertrains, but also a new platform in the near future.

It is virtually clear that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be the first completely new Tacoma pickup in over 20 years. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma will not only have style that is influenced by the 2022 Toyota Tundra, but it will also have a new chassis, new powertrains, and a bigger overall package.

We anticipate that Toyota will offer a greater selection of Tacomas than it ever has before, including the possibility of a Tacoma with a hybridized V-6 engine, a turbocharged I-4, and perhaps an electric motor.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma


It is expected that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will use some of the same design elements as the completely revamped Toyota Tundra and will also include similarly up-to-date mechanical components.

Contrary to the full-size Tundra, the sales of the mid-size Tacoma are higher than those of its domestic competitors, such as the Chevrolet Colorado and the Ford Ranger. However, in order for Toyota’s best-selling pickup to continue to dominate the market, considerable updates will be required, and the company’s next generation of trucks hopes to provide such updates.

The next-generation Toyota Tacoma will use a new body-on-frame structure, which will almost certainly come equipped with an upgraded coil-spring rear suspension. In a similar vein, we anticipate that it will get an update to its powertrain, which may take the form of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an optional hybrid variant, similar to the Tundra.

The inside of the 2024 Tacoma could also benefit from a spiffier appearance, as well as a more modern information and entertainment system; however, official specifications are yet unknown.

Why It Matter

The attractive Tacoma is now the category sales leader in the competitive midsize pickup market, despite the fact that it is rather old, has a confined interior, and powertrains that have been roundly criticized.

Redesigning the Tacoma is essential in order to keep this cash cow giving milk in the face of impending competition from the next-generation Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado.

Platform And Powertrain

The TNGA-F platform, which is Toyota’s latest modular global body-on-frame design, is the engine that propels the development of the new Tacoma. The new platform, which is shared not only with the 2022 Tundra but also with the new Lexus LX, the global Land Cruiser, the Hilux, and the next generation of the 4Runner, enables a bewildering variety of powerplant choices, body styles, and suspension options.

When it comes to the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, we believe that Toyota will offer a version of the 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four engine found in the Lexus NX350 as the base engine, and possibly a detuned version of the hybridized 3.4-liter twin-turbo V-6 found in the Toyota Tundra, which produces 389 horsepower.

Both rear- and all-wheel drive will be offered as drivetrain configurations, and the transmission choices will most likely comprise a six-speed manual and a 10-speed automatic.

In addition to this, we anticipate the release of an electric Tacoma, which was hinted at by the Toyota Electric Truck concept. Although we do not have a lot of information on the Tacoma EV, we anticipate that it will come standard with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system.

Despite the large diversity of powertrains available, all Tacomas should go from having leaf springs in the rear suspension to having coil springs since they are more treatable. It’s possible that the conventionally powered Tacomas will come in extended-cab, crew-cab, short-bed, and long-bed configurations, but it’s more probable that the electric version will only be available in the more popular crew-cab and short-bed design.

A modern power is long overdue for Tacoma. Although it is the only mid-size truck that is now available with a manual gearbox — and we’d want it to remain that way — its six-speed automatic transmission is cumbersome and out of date in comparison to those found in rivals like as the GMC Canyon and the Nissan Frontier.

The departing Toyota Tacoma is driven by either a weak four-cylinder base engine or an optional V-6 that is less powerful than every other V-6-powered competitor, including the Honda Ridgeline, which is sometimes mocked for its engine size and performance.

We anticipate that Toyota will equip the 2019 Tacoma with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This engine, which might be the 2.4-liter unit used in the Lexus NX350 and which generates 275 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque, would likely come standard. This engine is mated to an automatic transmission with eight gears. It is possible that a hybrid version of the V-6 powerplant will be available for the Tacoma, much as it will be for the new Tundra.

The body-on-frame construction will still be utilized for the construction of the mid-size truck; however, we anticipate that its rear leaf-spring suspension will be replaced with a more contemporary coil-spring setup, which should result in an improvement in both its ride quality and its ability to handle corners.

The TNGA-F platform will be used for the production of the next generation of the Tacoma midsize truck. This is Toyota’s modular platform, which also utilizes a body-on-frame construction method. The new Lexus LX, as well as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Hilux, and 4Runner, are all underpinned by this same platform.

Because of its adaptability and modularity, this platform can accommodate a broad range of engine configurations, body designs, and suspension configurations. According to the information we’ve gathered from several sources, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma could employ the same engine as the Lexus NX350.

This powerplant is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has a capacity of 2.4 liters and produces 275 horsepower. As a potential upgrade, a hybrid version of Toyota’s 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 engine is an intriguing alternative to consider for this midsize Toyota truck.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Interior
2024 Toyota Tacoma Interior

What’s New for 2024?

We anticipate that the Toyota Tacoma will transition into a new generation beginning with the 2024 model year. We now only have a few certain pieces of information, such as the fact that it will ride on Toyota’s brand-new TNGA-F architecture. This is a body-on-frame platform that also serves as the foundation for the brand-new Tundra as well as the soon-to-be-released Sequoia and 4Runner.

In addition, we have an artist’s rendering that depicts what a future iteration of the Tacoma TRD Pro may look like. If the new design of the Tundra is any clue, the smaller version of its big brother will feature a grille, lighting components, and unique fender bulges that are comparable to the Tundra’s. We anticipate further information about the new Taco to become available the following year and predict that it may make its debut as a 2024 model.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

We have absolutely no clue what the new Tacoma cabin will look like on the inside. However, just as its appearance is anticipated to take influence from the greater tundra, so too should its interior draw inspiration from the tundra.

This indicates that there will be robust (read: rugged) style aspects, finer materials throughout, and contemporary features. We anticipate that the vehicle will continue to be available with both an extended cab and a crew cab, in addition to having the choice between a short bed and a long bed. We can only hope that the rear seat of the new truck has more space than the limited accommodations in the crew cab of the old vehicle.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Exterior
2024 Toyota Tacoma Exterior

Infotainment and Connectivity

We anticipate that the infotainment system of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be upgraded to one that is both bigger and more up-to-date. This indicates that the present touchscreen, which measures 8.0 inches, will most certainly be upgraded to a device with a larger display, potentially even the touchscreen seen in the new Tundra, which measures 14.0 inches.

We anticipate that the 2019 Tacoma’s entertainment center will continue to have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot in addition to some brand-new capabilities that will be included.