2024 VW Jetta: Is VW Jetta Discontinued? Despite the fact that consumers in the United States are showing a greater preference for SUVs, the sedan category continues to account for a sizeable share of the market, and the Volkswagen Jetta remains an essential component of the brand’s product selection.

Jetta has been Volkswagen’s most famous marque in the United States since it was first introduced in this market in 1980. By the conclusion of the 2021 model year, it will have sold more than 3.8 million cars.

The Volkswagen Jetta continues to give a young and refined look in addition to dependability and value, while the Volkswagen Jetta GLI provides an approachable German performance sedan. Here is how we changed the models for 2024 to carry out these tasks in a more effective manner.

The core Jetta range will get modifications with a focus on components that reinforce the value that customers looking for small sedans desire.

The all-new 1.5-liter engine found in the 2024 Jetta gives an improved driving experience in addition to delivering amenities that are in high demand. In addition to that, it has appealing design modifications on both the inside and the outside of the building.

To begin, let’s take a look at the exterior. You’ll notice that the Jetta has a more open top and lower grille, which provides the vehicle with a sturdy and powerful posture. A new diffuser has been added in the back, and it has chrome accents on each side of it.

The new styles for the 16- and 17-inch alloy wheels vary from sporty to classy, and this update now adds a wheel option for the SE level that is black.

The Jetta’s interior elements have been enhanced with modest design upgrades that provide a more polished finish. Additionally, new dcor with contemporary designs like as those seen in the SEL trim have been included. We also added a whole new design for the steering wheel and gear shifter, both of which provide a more contemporary and streamlined look.

Ceramic contrast stitching can be featured on the door trim panels, the armrest, and the seats of the 2024 Volkswagen Jetta, which also has other new textile enhancements. In addition, the 2024 Jetta now comes standard with new leather seating surfaces in a lava brown color and two-tone cloth materials. The new sport trim comes standard with a cloth that is similar to the one found in the GLI.

2024 VW Jetta
2024 VW Jetta

Model Preview

The Volkswagen Jetta will continue production until 2024 as a carryover vehicle. VW has announced that the 2018 model will have a few visual modifications and that the SE trim level of the Jetta will be receiving remote start as standard equipment.

The outward appearance of the Jetta was modernized for the 2024 model year, and it also gained a more powerful engine and additional amenities. According to certain reports, Volkswagen may revise the Jetta again in the year 2024.

The outside of the new 2024 Volkswagen Jetta will, for the most part, seem identical to the exterior of the sedan that is now available for purchase. The latest generation of the Jetta has a design that is more traditional, including a large lower air inlet, strong body lines, and simple lighting.

There will be four different trim levels available for the 2024 Jetta: S, Sport, SE, and SEL. The sporty Jetta GLI has some red highlights, wider wheels (18 inches), and more aggressive bumpers than the standard model. This model is addressed in a separate section.

The cabin of the latest generation of the Jetta is both elegant and uncomplicated in its design. The touchscreen is incorporated into an angular component that is located on the dashboard of the vehicle.

In order to make the central touchscreen and the physical controls located on the bottom portion of the center console more accessible to the driver, a minor tilt has been applied.

The Volkswagen Jetta’s interior is one of the roomiest in the class when compared to the other compact sedans available. The inside of the 2024 Jetta ought to have the same layout as the one seen in the model that is now available for purchase.


We do not anticipate Volkswagen making any modifications to the Jetta’s list of standard equipment for the 2024 model year. At the moment, the car is equipped as standard with a touchscreen measuring 6.5 inches, a digital instrument cluster measuring 8 inches, four audio speakers, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Available features include a digital instrument cluster with a 10.25-inch display, an audio system with nine speakers, wireless connection with smartphones, navigation, and a charging station for wireless devices. The VW digital cockpit will be available in the 2024 Jetta, which will also include a speedier USB-C charging system capable of 45 watts.

2024 VW Jetta Interior
2024 VW Jetta Interior

About the Volkswagen Jetta

Since it was first debuted in 1979, the Volkswagen Jetta has gone on to become one of the most successful sedans in the world. Since then, more than 18 million have been sold all over the globe.

The new version of the Volkswagen Jetta has a more daring design, more cutting-edge technology, and more interior space than the previous generation had. It is based on the Volkswagen Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) architecture, which won an award. The iconic Volkswagen design DNA has been updated with more contemporary lines and a more polished overall look.

The infotainment screen in a cockpit that is designed with the driver in mind is mounted high up on the dashboard. This puts all relevant vehicle information within easy reach of the driver. The capacity in the center console has been upgraded such that it can now fit a normal iPad. The full suite of driver aid technologies that is offered on the Volkswagen Jetta gives drivers the ability to relax and feel protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Driver-Centric Interior

The Jetta’s luxury interior places the driver’s comfort and convenience front and center in every facet of its design. You have the flexibility to change the ambiance inside of the Jetta to suit your disposition thanks to the 10-color ambient lighting that is fully customizable.

Not only do the available two-tone V-Tex leatherette seats give great support and beautiful accents, but they are also heated and vented to provide optimal comfort regardless of the outside weather. The panoramic sunroof is an available upgrade, and it allows drivers to let in more natural light and fresh air into the interior than they were able to do in earlier versions.

The inside is outfitted with high-quality soft-touch materials, and the exterior has trapezoidal design elements, both of which contribute to the vehicle’s premium and contemporary vibe. Dual-zone Climatronic automatic temperature control helps guarantee all passengers may travel in total comfort.

Advanced Technology

The Volkswagen Virtual Cockpit display, which measures 10 inches and is housed within the Jetta’s cockpit, is quite amazing. Drivers have the ability to customize the primary driving information and navigation data that are shown on the screen that is front and center.

CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink are just some of the smartphone integration options that are available via the Volkswagen Car-Net system, which offers a suite of linked car services. Depending on the trim level, the Volkswagen Jetta offers a variety of customizable features.

Some of these features include the configuration of the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, the color of the ambient lighting, the preferences for the driver assistance system, the driver seat memory, the navigation view, and more.

2024 VW Jetta Exterior
2024 VW Jetta Exterior

2024 Jetta: More Power, More Technology

A new turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower will be standard in the 2024 Volkswagen Jetta. This engine will also be standard in the new Volkswagen Taos crossover. This is an increase over the 145 horsepower produced by the older 1.4-liter engine, but the torque output remains the same at 184 pound-feet.

However, Volkswagen claims that the torque curve on this new engine is a little bit different and that the driver should be able to receive the full power of those pounding foot a little bit sooner than they were able to in the past.

Because of this improvement, the Jetta now has the same amount of power as the basic versions of the 2024 Civic and Mazda3, and it has slightly more power than the base model of the Hyundai Elantra.

All of those other automakers provide engine improvements between their entry-level and performance-oriented versions, but the Jetta basic model still won’t do that. The Jetta GLI will keep its original 228-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which is great news for Volkswagen enthusiasts who are in a hurry. However, the Jetta GLI is also the most expensive Jetta, costing over $30,000.

The Jetta will continue to offer a manual gearbox as an optional feature on its lower trim levels as well as on the GLI. This is a gesture to aficionados.

The present automatic gearbox with eight speeds will be available as an option, and it will come standard for vehicles with more advanced features. Alongside the more powerful engine, there is also a more extensive list of standard features, and the exterior has undergone some subtle revisions.

It is anticipated that the 2024 Volkswagen Jetta will continue to provide the same assortment of engines as the model that is currently on the market.

A turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 1.5 liters of displacement and 158 horsepower is standard equipment for the Volkswagen Jetta. The spirited GLI trim level comes standard with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 2.0 liters and generates 228 horsepower. Both a manual gearbox with six speeds and an automatic transmission with eight speeds are offered for the basic engine.

The GLI comes standard with a manual gearbox that has six speeds, while an automatic transmission that has seven speeds is available as an option.

The current generation of the Volkswagen Jetta is equipped with a number of advanced safety systems as standard equipment. These include automatic front emergency braking, pedestrian recognition, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist are both features that may be selected from the available options. It is anticipated that the 2024 Jetta will continue to provide these active and passive safety measures. Every Volkswagen car, including the Jetta, will be equipped with Volkswagen’s IQ.DRIVE driver assistance technology, which is a hands-on semi-automated driving system, beginning with the 2024 model year.

Pricing and Release Date

Late in the summer, according to Volkswagen, the 2024 Jetta will start making its way into dealership showrooms. The base price of the S trim level of the 2024 Jetta is set at $21,510 (including destination charge) for the manual gearbox type. The price of the Jetta GLI with a manual gearbox is $32,440 (including destination).